The Blacklist 8×15: New Mission Challenges Red and Dembe (promo)


The Blacklist: Next Friday (30th), The Blacklist is back with the airing of its 8th season. To further increase viewers’ expectations, NBC has already released a preview with unpublished scenes of what lies ahead.

At first, the public will see, in the so-called “The Russian Knot”, the agents immersing themselves in an extremely important mission. In hand, they will have a Soviet-era encryption machine with several encrypted messages that will need to be deciphered as soon as possible.

Obviously, Red (James Spader) is the main focus of the narrative and everyone, somehow, has some expectations about what he can achieve from the evidence discovered so far.

Although we don’t have much information on what this could actually trigger, Liz (Megan Boone) and Townsend (Reg Rogers) have great suspicions about the case and they involve a certain threat to Red’s life.

Check out the full preview:

The Blacklist 8×15: learn more about the next episode of the series

In addition to this great conflict that occurs with the protagonist of the series, the nucleus of two characters previously presented will have other facets. In the next episode of the production, Townsend is apparently going to test Liz’s loyalty again. But this time, the hostility of the black market leader may not work as well.

In the previous episode of the series, aired on April 23, the duo had great moments on the scene, showing the audience that, from that, good things could come up. This week, therefore, tensions will hit them hard, giving the audience great emotions to watch.

Thus, there are still Red and Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) being summoned to a totally unexpected meeting. What can happen from that?

The 8×15 episode of The Blacklist will air next Friday (30) on NBC.


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