The Blacklist 8×15: Liz Tries to Unmask Reddington


The Blacklist 8×15, we have a fun episode full of great emotions when we see two sides trying to steal the same object, being a classic assault episode. In addition, the story is shown so that the audience can make a parallel between Lizzie’s past and present in a very interesting way.

The two perspectives of the assault are shown at the beginning of the new episode of season 8 of The Blacklist, both the Task Force and Lizzie, underground, hoping that their plans will work out.

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More details of the 8X15 episode of The Blacklist

Townsend is clearly irritated by Liz and her failed attempts to capture Reddington. Due to the most recent failure, he places a plastic bag on Liz and lets her almost suffocate to punish her for the unsuccessful assault.

However, she gets another chance with Townsend by saying that she has another way to try to unmask Reddington – this being her last chance to prove it.

When the focus of episode 8×15 of The Blacklist is turned to Reddington himself, we see that he believes that there is a secret communication between Townsend and Keen through the phrase “Love is a knot that even death cannot untie” and, to decipher, he needs a small typewriter called the Russian Knot.

The assault actually starts from two perspectives: the Task Force from above, with the plan to replace the Russian Node with a replica, and Liz coming from below with the more rustic idea of ​​blowing up the place and stealing the machine.

During the confrontation, Liz finally understands what is behind the assault: Reddington used the Russian Node to communicate with the Russians impersonating the N13 and she would only be able to prove it if she had the machine – now being held by the FBI’s Ressler.

The best Ressler can do is set up a meeting with Cooper so that Liz can prove her point, but things are not going well, since his plan was, in fact, to take advantage of the situation to arrest her.

Liz manages to escape and carries a numerical sequence capable of proving that Red is, in fact, the N13. How can this situation end? Will people finally believe Liz?

Only the next episode of season 8 of The Blacklist can tell us!


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