The Blacklist 8×13: relationship between Anne and Red is highlighted


The Blacklist: Season 8 of The Blacklist showed that even internationally wanted criminals are capable of loving and being loved. Despite living a double life, Red still has a third identity: he is Anne’s boyfriend, a lovely girl who knows nothing about her real life. But things don’t stay that way for long!

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More details of the 8×13 episode of The Blacklist

The new episode showed how Reddington is in love with Anne, who is now in grave danger. As the series usually shows, it is very difficult – if not impossible – to escape the past. Then, again, he had to surrender to the authorities and plead guilty to save the woman he loves.

Anne does not know that her boyfriend is Raymond Reddington, the fugitive, and the risk that she runs because she is loved by him. However, his trips to Cottonwood Falls become a warning point for Townsend. Red starts to see some vans around town and realizes that one is too close to Anne’s house.

It is here that Anne discovers that her lover’s life is more dangerous than she imagined. After all, Red slits the driver’s throat of one of the vans right there on the street and hands over a gun so Anne can protect herself. He tells her some details about her life and the two go to the police for Red to surrender.

Red reveals his identity and says he is surrendering so that the police can protect Anne, knowing that Townsend’s men are already surrounding the police station. He begs the sheriff to declare a lockdown and he agrees, but ends up being shot when he denies sending Reddington out of the police station, as Townsend asked.

Lois is also shot in the confrontation, right after removing Red’s handcuffs and making it clear that she will arrest him as soon as this is all over. Townsend’s men manage to enter as soon as the FBI agents arrive. Reddington advises Townsend to leave, telling him to find him when he is ready for him to show him the correct way to take his revenge.

After all this, it is clear that Anne is disappointed in her boyfriend. She calls him selfish for disregarding that she would obviously be sucked into all her life problems. It seems that Red ran away again, leaving Anne to take care of Lois’s wounds. She tells the cops that she knew nothing about her past and that her life was not boring enough that she wanted adventures with a criminal.

However, when she gets home, she lets Red out of her trunk. The two kiss and she talks about the route suggested by Lois herself for him to run away! Red takes the time to say that Anne was right about him being selfish, but that she won’t make that mistake again. He goes on a mission that we still don’t know what it is and Anne stays behind, waiting for her return.

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