The Black Phone just landed on an impressive milestone Thursday night for the Horrors of 2022


Cinemas are starting to look a little more ordinary than they did in the pandemic era, and large crowds are coming for exciting upcoming films. While Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World Dominion had a pretty easy weekend, your local multiplex will soon have a very competitive game. Case in point: There were some impressive screenings for Thursday night last night, and Blumhouse’s latest Black Phone in horror captured an impressive milestone this year.

Early receipts are published in various publications, such as Deadline, and the picture is quite vivid for director Scott Derrickson and co-screenwriter S. Robert Cargill. Adapted from a story by author Joe Hill, their Universal release is the second-biggest Thursday night opening in the genre, second only to Scream’s $3.5 million debut earlier this year.

The team of Sinister and Doctor Strange are probably celebrating this fact right now, as the “Black Phone” is on a promising path for a healthy weekend. This is a good sign, because comparing the film with other offers shown in the cinema nearest to you will help you understand every little thing. Especially when Maverick is still flying, and there are very promising rumors about another killer shot.

“Black Phone” is currently being shown in cinemas, if you are not afraid to indulge in fun, but dark times. If that’s not enough to satisfy your craving for anything creepy, then a rundown of upcoming horror movies will help you find your next cinematic loot.

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