The Black Order of Thanos Hides a Dark Rivalry That MCU Fans Have Never Seen


While the Black Order of Thanos made an explosive debut in the MCU movie “Avengers: Infinity War”, their characters were not very well developed, except for their villainous actions, and the dark rivalry that was present in the comics was not noticed by MCU fans at all. .

The Black Order, also known as the Children of Thanos or the Five Lords of Terror, consists of Corvus Glaive, Ebony Mo, Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf and Supergiant, and Gamora is also a key member of Thanos’ army. They first appeared in “The New Avengers #8” by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato, where the Black Order is immediately presented as a threat of the end of the world together with its master Thanos, who is working to conquer the Earth. Together, the Black Order are some of the fiercest warriors in space, although they don’t always support each other. In one particular storyline — the one in which the team itself is slightly different from the original composition — right under Thanos’ nose there is a very serious power struggle, which is not even hinted at in the MCU.

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In the six-issue mini-series “Thanos” by Tiny Howard and Ariel Olivetti, fans are given the full story of the time when Gamora worked under the guidance of her adoptive father, Thanos, before he was killed by her many years later. In the first issue, Thanos brutally kills everyone in Gamora’s homeworld before finding her hiding in her house seeking refuge from violence. When Thanos discovers the young Gamora, he does not kill her, as he did with everyone who is dear to her. Instead, he takes her as his own daughter, as at this time he gathers people across the galaxy to join him in his conquest of power and death. When Gamora is forced to join the team after Thanos invades Gamora’s homeworld, the others do not accept her, although one of the members of the Black Order, Ebony Craw, sees her as a potential use.

Throughout the series, starting when Gamora was a little girl, Ebony Mou constantly threatens her life, trying to get her to listen to him, hoping to use Gamora to influence Thanos. From her first night on Thanos’ ship, it becomes clear that he is infatuated with Gamora, as he allows her to speak freely without any consequences and teaches her fighting techniques. As much as he can, Thanos is actually taking care of Gamora, and Ebony Craw knows he can use that to his advantage. However, Gamora has never been a wimp and even pierces Ebony Craw with a fork the first time she meets him, so his constant attempts to try to use her to his advantage, and the fact that she has none of this, just create a fierce rivalry. for years.

Ebony Craw and Gamora hardly participate in a joint scene in the MCU, and nothing hints that these two members of the Black Order were rivals in the past. This dynamic could be used to further reveal their characters and add another reason why Gamora rebelled against her father. However, in the comics, this rivalry becomes quite clear and is an interesting tidbit about the Black Order of Thanos, which MCU fans have never seen.