The Billboard “Prince Andrew: the Musical” Is Installed Near Woking Pizza Express


According to reports, a billboard for Prince Andrew: The Musical has been installed outside the Pizza Express branch in Woking.

The prince referred to a branch of the restaurant chain in Woking during an interview with BBC Newsnight in 2019 about his links with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Responding to Virginia Giuffre’s claims that she was forced to have sex with him as a teenager in 2001, Prince Andrew denied the accusations and said: “On that particular day, which, as we now understand, is the date of March 10, I was at home. I was with the kids and took Beatrice to a pizzeria in Woking for a party at about four or five o’clock in the afternoon.

He added: “Going to Pizza Express in Woking is unusual for me, very unusual for me. I’ve never been… I’ve only been to Woking a couple of times and I remember it strangely clearly.

Andrew has repeatedly denied Giuffre’s claims and reached an out-of-court settlement with her in February. In an agreement that does not acknowledge liability, Andrew paid Giuffre an undisclosed amount, and also made a “substantial donation to Ms. Giuffre’s charity in support of victims’ rights.”

Now a mobile billboard advertising a Channel 4 TV musical based on the life of Prince Andrew has been installed outside a Pizza Express branch in Woking. “If you miss this, you’d better have a decent alibi,” reads the advertisement published in Wales Online.

Prince Andrew: The Musical is described as a “satirical parody” and includes seven original songs. Kieran Hodgson, who wrote the musical, will play the prince, and Munya Chavava will pay Prince Charles, and Jenny Bede will play Sarah Ferguson.

The story of Prince Andrew is a tragedy and a farce in one person, so why not add a “musical” for an even score?” Hodgson said in a statement. “For some, the prospect of writing and performing their first TV musical may seem a little daunting. Not me. I found it absolutely terrifying.

“But we did our best, put every penny on the screen and attacked an institution that might have preferred us to forget about all this. Besides, I’m a bit on the trampoline. Enjoy, peace!”

“Prince Andrew: The Musical” will air today at 21:00 (December 29) on Channel 4, and then will be available for broadcast on all 4 channels.

Earlier this year, The Kunts released a new single for the Queen’s jubilee called “Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce”. The band said in a statement that the song aims to “re-open the conversation about the behavior of [the Queen’s] son Prince Andrew at a time when the establishment seems to want it swept under the carpet.”


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