The biggest update of recent years has come to CS:GO!


CS: GO, one of the most popular competitive FPS games in the world, received the most comprehensive expansion pack in recent years.


Counter Strike, which introduced its name to the world as a Half-Life mode and became a phenomenon over the years, was bought by Valve and moved to a whole new level. Published in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues to evolve day by day.

The latest Operation Riptide update to CS:GO includes many innovations and changes. This expansion pack, published by Valve, includes new maps, missions, weapon collections, skins and agents. However, various bug fixes were made in the game and various changes were made to the known maps Dust 2, Inferno and Ancient.

A different perspective on the classic modes of CS:GO

Published Operation Riptide offers players the possibility to play the familiar game modes in CS: GO in different ways. Along with Short Matches, it will be possible to play 5v5 matches in 16 rounds using the rules of competitive mode. Thus, players will be able to play short matches of about 25 minutes.

Another mode that comes out of this is the Free Everything Deathmatch mode. With this mode, you dive into a chaotic environment where you can even shoot your teammates.

Patch notes on what’s new with CS:GO – Operation Riptide:

  • Deagle weapon damage decreased.
  • Increased the damage done by the M4A1-S.
  • Added Police shield: Available for purchase by CTs on Casual hostage rescue maps.
  • Added shareable grenades. Grenades can be shared with teammates in every mode of the game.
  • Five new maps have been added to the game: Insertion II, Basalt, County, Ravine and Extraction.
  • Turned off T spawn visible from mid area on Dust 2 map.
  • Added a gateway to Upper Banana on the Inferno map and improved 1v1 mode.
  • Added 1v1 mode to the Ancient map and expanded the bomb setting areas.


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