The Biggest Unanswered Question Secret Wars Changes the MCU Icon Forever


He was the king of Wakanda and a member of the Avengers, but Black Panther may also have the untapped potential of the 2015 Marvel Secret Wars mega-crossover. One event in the series still remains unnoticed and may have serious consequences for the promotion of T’Challa.

The first Secret Wars series of the 1980s was the first crossover in mainstream comics created to capitalize on a toy licensing deal with Mattel. The Secret Wars brand was reinterpreted in 2015 by the creative team of writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribich. While the original series was about a mysterious being known as the Otherworldly gathering the greatest heroes and villains of the Marvel universe to fight on a distant planet called the World of Battles, the Secret Wars of 2015 significantly raised the stakes. In the new series, the Absolute Universe and the traditional Universe of Earth-616 collided with each other, causing chaos throughout the multiverse. In an attempt to save reality, pieces of different universes merge into one giant planet: a new world of battles where heroes and villains from different universes compete for survival.

In the end, it turned out that Battleworld was built by Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange and the Human Molecule. Doom eventually kills Strange, but the Archmage returns as a ghostly vision to his fellow Illuminati members Namor and Black Panther. In Secret Wars #5, Doctor Strange gives them Siege Courageous, a talisman that allows them to teleport. Strange goes on to explain that Siege Courageous “transforms the traveler according to his true n[UNCLEAR] al.” He is interrupted by Black Panther, who has seen a version of the Infinity Gauntlet in Strange’s collection, so the last word is hidden, but it seems likely that Strange was going to say “potential”. Namor and Black Panther continue to use Siege Courageous, but neither seems to be experiencing immediate significant changes. It is important to note that at the end of the storyline, Panther uses the Gauntlet to travel back in time, making him one of the few characters to retain his original self when Franklin Richards changes the multiverse from the remnants of the World of Battles.

Theoretically, the Black Panther had to be transformed in some way thanks to Siege Courageous. The equivalent of the talisman “Dangerous Siege” often transforms its users; given Strange’s prophetic instructions, the use of “Courageous Siege” should have had some effect on the “Panther”. Recently, in his own series, T’Challa gave up the throne of Wakanda… The brave Osadnik somehow noticed a change of faith in his views on the traditional monarchy? Or has the talisman changed him in a more disturbing way that no one has noticed yet? For example, if a powerful magical object somehow made the Black Panther immortal, it wouldn’t be immediately obvious; its effects would only be visible over time.

In any case, this is an interesting topic for future Marvel creators that they will be able to find at some point in the future. It is not yet known whether Black Panther is immortal thanks to the events of Secret Wars, but the character has already lived a long life outside of comics in the hearts of Marvel fans around the world.