The Biggest Threat in Cybercrime is Cryptocurrencies


According to the report published by Europol, digital wallet services and cryptocurrencies based on anonymity constitute the biggest threats in cybercrime. In the report, the most preferred cryptocurrencies in Darkweb were also announced.

Europol argued in this year’s Organized Internet Crime Threat Assessment Report (IOCTA) that cryptocurrency services, which adopt the principle of confidentiality, pose the most dangerous cybercrime threats of the age. In the report, Europol, who made examinations by giving examples of cryptocurrencies and cybercrime, said that crypto currency users have become the target of fraudsters even without doing anything. It is also stated in the Europol report that it is very difficult to prevent fraudulent activities carried out with cryptocurrencies.

Crimes Increased As Cryptocurrency Adoption Increased

According to the Europol report, the spread of cryptocurrencies and their spread to all branches of cyber crime has become one. Despite the traces of transactions, factors such as anonymity have paved the way for cryptocurrencies and cyber extortion and ransomware. Cryptocurrencies have also become the number one illegal payment method on the Darkweb.

According to the report; The use of cryptocurrencies by more and more people is increasing the number of victims. For example, in 2019, with the hacking of 10 publicly available crypto money bills, 240 million euros worth of crypto money were stolen from the users of the exchanges.

These Crypto Coins Are Most Used In Fraud

In the report, the most popular cryptocurrency in fraud with cryptocurrencies in recent years is Bitcoin; However, he announced that units such as Monero (XMR), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC) and Dash (DASH) have been added to the cryptocurrencies most used in illegal activities this year.

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Looking at the Darkweb specific, a cryptocurrency has an obvious advantage: Monero. XMR is by far the leading cryptocurrency when it comes to Darkweb transactions. In the report, Zcash and Dash are mentioned as the two cryptocurrencies that follow Monero. Monero is hardly affected by all of these Darkweb tags. The XMR price has increased by nearly 17% in the last 7 days to $ 111.


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