The biggest Scandals of Angelina from Jersey Shore on & Behind the Scenes


Since Angelina Pivarnik joined the Jersey Shore team 13 years ago, she has experienced a number of controversies. Despite the fact that she had only been here for two seasons, her roommates and the audience didn’t like her too much. However, Angelina unexpectedly appeared during the first season of the series “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” in 2018, and her former roommates and viewers fell in love with Angelina.

She has been the main cast of the series since the second half of season 2. Despite the fact that the audience loved her, Angelina still experienced several ups and downs in the media. When the series “Jersey Shore” first aired in 2009, Angelina was kicked out of her house by the sea after she refused to work her mandatory shift at a store on the shore.

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Her job at the store on the shore was a requirement that every roommate had to work to stay in the house. Shortly after she left Jersey Shore, Angelina started a lot of different arguments. Here are some of Angelina’s biggest contradictions in Jersey Shore and beyond.

3. Speaking out against same-sex marriage

In September 2012, Angelina, who was called out because of rumors of infidelity, entered into a fierce debate on Twitter with artist Adam Barta on the topic of same-sex marriage. Angelina initially said she disagreed with same-sex marriage, but later retracted her statement after criticism from Jenny “Jwoww” Farley via Twitter. Angelina later apologized via TMZ and released the single “Serendipity” with Adam to make up for what she had previously said about the LGBTQ+ community.

2. Dramatic speech at the wedding

In the second half of the third season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, viewers saw everything that happened during the planning of Angelina’s then-wedding with Chris Larangera, who will soon become an ex-husband. During the two-part season finale, which aired on June 11 and 18, 2020, viewers finally saw Angelina’s big wedding, but what was supposed to be a happy day for her turned into a nightmare. After hearing the speech of her colleagues in the film, Dina, Nicole “Snooki” and Jenny “Jvauv”, Angelina said that she was spoiled, and did not talk to the girls for a long time. However, during season 4, the girls seemed to have reconciled after all the wedding drama that went on. Despite the fact that they have become friendly again, it seems that the wedding drama will play an important role in the second half of season 5 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

1. Fraud charges

During the premiere of “Family Vacation” on Thursday, June 23, fans saw Angelina fly to Spain for two weeks to star in the Paramount+ All-Star Shore series. When she returned, she talked to her sister about how Luis “Potro” Caballero from the coast of Acapulco was giving her attention that her husband Chris had never given. Then she said that Luis invited her to Mexico for the New Year and decided to go. Then Angelina sent a photo to her colleagues on the set of the movie “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation”. Despite the trip to Mexico, Angelina claims that she did not cheat on Chris and that she has receipts confirming this. Judging by the trailer, this is the storyline that will be talked about in the new season.

Despite the fact that Angelina was part of the Jersey Shore family for a short time, this does not mean that over the years she has not had her fair share of controversies. The audience loved her, despite the drama in which she participated. If viewers want to see which drama Angelina is involved in or bringing up this season, fans will have to tune in to “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” or “All Star Shore” on Paramount+.