The biggest mysteries after the premiere of the second season of “Murder in the building”


The premiere of the second season of “Only Murders in the Building”, consisting of two parts, answers some burning questions left over from the first season, but left many others unanswered for the Hulu comedy. With Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) The main suspects in the murder of Bunny, the trio once again decided to clear their names and start another season of their popular podcast about real crimes. However, this time they have little experience in investigating crimes, and they use all the tools at their disposal to find out who killed Bunny Folger.

While Charles, Mabel and Oliver intend to clear their names, in the second season of the series “Only murders in the building” they will have to solve a lot of clues and a lot of riddles. From the missing murder weapon and the new presidents of the board of directors to the appearance of several unexpected guests, including Amy Schumer and Bunny’s mother Leonora, the Arkonia building is full of questions, clues and suspects left unanswered. These clues have already led the show’s main trio down the proverbial rabbit hole as they build an investigation from scratch again. Although they don’t want to start their podcast again at first, it’s important to control their narrative, especially since podcast contestant Cinda Canning (Tina Fey) he also hopes to tell his story.

The remaining 8 episodes of the second season of the series “Only Murders in the Building” will spend some time solving the main mysteries before revealing the answers. Tim Kono’s (Julian Sihi) killer Ian (Amy Ryan) wasn’t revealed until the end of the first season, so it’s likely that Bunny’s killer will be revealed much later. However, there are a lot of things to sort out, including some unexpected family connections, the story of Arkonia itself, and how Charles, Mabel, and Oliver will manage to get out of trouble this time.

Who killed the rabbit?

There are a lot of suspects in the second season of “Only Murders”, and episodes 1-2 only expand this list. Amy Schumer seems to be a contender, if only because she is very interested in the podcast of Charles, Mabel and Oliver. Given that Schumer is playing an exaggerated version of herself, perhaps her character is playing on her forgetfulness to confuse both the audience and the investigation. There is also Nina Lin, the new president of the Arconia board of directors, who, according to Howard, is “ruthless and power-hungry.” However, Howard himself is no stranger to suspicion; Not only does he show up with a mysterious black eye the night after Bunny’s murder, but he also tells Bunny’s parrot Mrs. Gambolini to repeat the phrase “Howard is my friend.”

Howard, along with another resident of Arkonia, Uma, showed a special interest in one of Bunny’s prized possessions – a Rose Cooper painting depicting Charles’ father in an intimate moment with another woman. However, no one wants this picture more than Leonora Folger. Bunny’s mother arrives in Arkonia to hunt for him, and who’s to say that no one is working with her to get him back? While it’s unlikely that viewers will know the identity of Bunny’s killer before the end of the season, the second season of “Only Murders in the Building” sets the stage for a number of suspects in the following episodes.

Where is the real Rose Cooper painting?

Since Rose Cooper’s painting plays an important role in the investigation of Bunny’s murder, it took center stage in the premiere of the second season of the series “Only Murders in the Building”. Unfortunately, the painting that Charles, Mabel and Oliver were worried about turned out to be a fake. So where is the real picture? As one of the most important clues in the second season of “Only Murders”, the location of the real painting may lead to additional information about Bunny’s killer.

Rose Cooper’s painting is also a key tool in the portrayal of Charles, Mabel and Oliver. After Uma and Howard start looking for her, the fake is discovered in Charles’ apartment, and his amazing connection between the artist and the painting itself is revealed. When Mr. Savage is depicted in the painting, it turns out that he had an affair with both Rose and Leonora Bunny.

What does Charles’ father have to do with it?

The premiere of the second season of the series “The Only Murders in the Building” introduces Charles’ father Hayden Savage (played by Ben Livingston) through flashbacks, and his connection with “Arkonia” becomes apparent. Not only does he vow to live in this building someday-a promise Charles has fulfilled—but he is also having an affair with Rose Cooper and Leonora Folger. What all this means for the second season of the series “Only murders in the Building” is currently unclear. Charles’s father is too old to be a suspect in Bunny’s murder, and it is unlikely that he is even alive.