The Biggest Map of the Universe with Artificial Intelligence


Scientists from the University of Hawaii have managed to create the largest 3D map of the universe using artificial intelligence. The new catalog created is twice the size of the previous one.

Artificial intelligence is now used in many areas and its areas of use are increasing day by day. Scientists from the Manoa Institute of Astronomy at the University of Hawaii have used artificial intelligence to create the world’s largest catalog of 3D stars, galaxies, and stargazers. The team was able to develop the map using optical research of three-quarters of the sky created by the Pan-STARRS observatory in Maui.

The researchers who conducted the study trained an algorithm to identify celestial objects in the study. They did this by feeding them spectroscopic measurements that would provide specific object classifications and distances.

The largest 3D map of the universe

“Using the most advanced optimization algorithm, spectroscopic training set to estimate source types and galaxy distances and teach the neural network, as well as correcting light fading due to dust in the Milky Way,” said Robert Beck, author of the study, from the Manoa Institute of Astronomy at the University of Hawaii. “We strengthened it with a light source.”

Thanks to this reinforcement made by the researchers, the classification accuracy rate of the neural network reached up to 98.1% in galaxies, 97.8% in stars and 96.6% in stellar ones. The team that carried out the study stated that the universe is twice the size of the previous map.

The previous map of the universe was created by Sloan Digital Sky Survey and it covered a third of the sky. A smaller version of the catalog helped discover the largest void in the universe. It is also thought that this place could be the probable cause of the large and mysteriously cold Cold Spot in the sky.

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