The biggest darknet market collapsed


A darknet site that sells illegal products has not been able to serve its users for 5 days and it is suspected that the site administrators may have fled with about $ 30 million worth of cryptocurrency.

According to the news of Darknetstats; Empire Market, one of the darknet’s most trafficked sites, has been closed since August 22 … Although there is no clear information about where the managers are due to inability to serve, the rumors are increasing day by day and the widespread opinion is that the managers are about 2 thousand 638 dollars worth about 30 million 200 thousand dollars. That they ran away with Bitcoin.

John Marsh, one of the representatives of Darknetstats, stated that they could not have a clear idea about the amount because there was no major crypto money movement and said, “There is no concrete data. Therefore, our comments will not go beyond speculation ”.

“A planned escape”

“Se7en”, one of the moderators of the Empire Market, confirmed in a statement on Dread, the darknet forum, that the site was disconnected on Tuesday evening. Se7en also stated that he does not think that this is an “exit scam”, ie taking the money and running away, because in this case the system does not allow Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals for weeks. Marsh objected to this comment, stating that it was an unplanned escape and said that Bitcoin withdrawals continued until the site was shut down.

As it is known, darknet is the name given to a certain part of the internet that can be accessed by some special software and uses its own communication protocols for access.

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A darknet journalist using the pseudonym “” warned that “Darknet has lived its golden age in terms of trust, but users should be wary of” exit scam “incidents and dangers this year. also commented, “While it is easy to have a solid ideology when creating a darknet market,” greed can beat all good intentions “when thousands of Bitcoins are involved and your account.

According to an idea put forward by Se7en, Empire Market, which has been the target of the DDos attack for a while, may also have been closed by its administrators.

According to Marsh, the site, which started broadcasting in 2018, has always been the target of similar attacks ever since, and it has cost between 10 thousand and 15 thousand dollars a week to continue the broadcast.


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