The Biggest Concerts and Tours to Expect in 2023


Times are not easy now, this cannot be denied. But there’s also no denying the healing power of music, especially if you’re going to see your favorite artist or a new obsession live. Fortunately, the year 2023 is already filled with large-scale tours and major concerts that will help brighten up our lives, whether it’s Arctic Monkeys going out to stadiums, a new rap star GloRilla showing off her character, or reunited legends like Blur and Pulp that cause us good old nostalgia. . Here are the biggest concerts and tours to expect this year.

Arctic Monkeys

Announced Dates: Arctic Monkeys’ dates for 2023 start early, ringing in the New Year in Australia. From there, they will embark on a tour of Asia and Europe, and then return home to the UK for a massive stadium tour and return to the US.

Why you should go: See a live show as dazzling as the mirror ball the band performed around during their 2022 tour. Something tells us that the grand strings of the latest album “The Car” will sound absolutely majestic at the huge venues where the Monkeys will play for the next 12 months.

Elton John

Dates announced: Elton John starts his year in Australia and New Zealand, and then returns to the UK and Europe to participate in the Glasto finals.

Why you Should Go: This is literally your last opportunity to see one of pop music’s most iconic and unique artists. Of course, many performers say they stop touring and then change their minds a lot after a few years, but you don’t want to risk missing out on Elton.

red hot chili peppers

Announced dates: Red Hot Chili Peppers will tour New Zealand, Australia and Asia in the first two months of the year, travel to North America in the spring and to Europe and the UK in the summer.

Why you should go: they are professionals in a big stadium, spectacular – they have been doing this for quite a long time. They also bring some big names with them, from Post Malone to The Strokes and Iggy Pop. Not bad!

Harry Styles

Announced dates: After three postponed concerts in Los Angeles in January, Harry Styles will travel to Australia in February, then to Asia and Europe and arrive in the UK in May.

Why you should go: The “Love On Tour” may seem endless, but even if you have been there several times, it will still be a lot of fun to go back there again. Enjoy the conga lines “Treat People with Kindness” and make friends with your neighbors by singing Harry’s modern pop anthems together. Sounds great.


Announced dates: The iconic British girl group will hit the road in February, followed by a one-off performance in London in September.

Why you should go: These dates are a continuation of the reunion of the original Sugababes line—up — Mutia Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donagh – and will see women celebrating the band’s 25th anniversary. They’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs during that time, but this seems like the perfect way to mark a milestone.


Dates announced: The US tour starts on January 27.

Why you should go: GloRilla is the most popular new hip hop talent in the game, and soon she will fill huge venues around the world. Go on this tour and say that you saw her for the first time — and enjoy the combination of femininity and courage in her infectious songs.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Announced dates: The US leg begins on February 1; the tour arrives in Europe on April 28, and in the UK on May 30.

Why You Should Go: There has been some (well-deserved) buzz about very expensive tickets, but if you can find a pass at a reasonable price, Springsteen will certainly give you value for money – his concerts have been known to stretch for hours, rattling through big hits and fan favorites for much longer than for most performers.


Announced dates: The stage in the USA runs from February to August, and the dates in the UK are in mid—April.

Why you should go: To hear the brilliant new songs from the upcoming album “This Is Why” among all the best tracks from their past catalog. Besides, it’s been too long since Hayley Williams and company went on a real tour—in fact, five years.

Caroline Polacek

Announced dates: The UK, Europe and North America are included in Caroline Polacek’s schedule, starting with the first one in February.

Why you should go: The alternative pop star’s live performances have been described as a work of art, and she always packs surprises into her sets – for example, at her last concert in London, when she was joined by the Trinity Girls Choir of Croydon in “Billions”.

Self Esteem

Dates announced: The UK tour starts in February.

Why you should go: This tour seems like a victory lap for Self Esteem, who may have spent the last couple of years better than all of us. Her album “Prioritise Pleasure” has consistently delighted both fans and critics, and her live performance has been recognized as one of the best in recent times. Give yourself another chance to see why it’s so brilliant before she inevitably pops out to come up with her next mind-blowing album.


Dates announced: The US tour starts on February 21.

Why you should go: because SZA’s new album “SOS” is very late in claiming the title of “Album of the Year” and if it had been released earlier, it would certainly have been at the top of many lists. If you need more incentive (you shouldn’t), she will also take Omar Apollo with her in support to add even more greatness.


Dates announced: The rock and roll artist from Doncaster will embark on a world tour, which will begin in the UK in February, and then visit Europe and North America.

Why You Should Go: Yungblud concerts are known for being inclusive, euphoric and theatrical celebrations where you can relax, be yourself and find a community of kindred spirits. We could all use a little more of that energy in 2023, so get on the show and make the most of it.


Announced dates: The European tour starts in February, the UK – in March, and then continues in North America.

Why it’s worth going: The Lizzo show is aerobatics, a celebration of life from one of the most infectious personalities in music. Grab your comrades and make sure that you will be in time for the “black hour”.


Announced dates: The BLACKPINK girls will embark on a BORN PINK tour of Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand in the first half of the year, and in July will travel to London to headline BST Hyde Park.

Why you should go: This female k-pop group knows how to put on a show, from high-tech, futuristic VTS to set the mood between each stage of the concert, to a skillful and bright stage production. The songs are equally good — by the time you leave the hall, you will have several fighters for a place as the earworm of the day.


Announced dates: Blink’s return begins in South America on March 11, and then departs for North America in May and to the UK and Europe in September.

Why it’s worth going: This is the pop punk icon’s first tour with Tom DeLong since he left the band in 2015. A new album is also on the way, so it won’t just be a nostalgic journey.

Taylor Swift

Announced dates: The stage in the USA begins on March 17; international dates are being clarified.

Why You Should Go: Taylor Swift’s 2023 tour is called “The Eras Tour,” and while it’s not entirely clear how she’s going to celebrate each of her past albums, it’s guaranteed to be a great chance to celebrate many of her accomplishments. brilliant career so far (if you can beat Ticketmaster). In addition, the support bill in the US is complicated, with Paramore, Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams, Haim, The Girl in Red and many others.

Thye Walkmen

Dates announced: The US tour begins on April 24; another festival date is confirmed at the Paredes de Coura Festival in Portugal.

Why it’s worth going: Of course, in the early noughties in New York there were The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol, but there were also The Walkmen, a band that often doesn’t make the top lists when it comes to this romanticized scene. Listen to the classic indie disco “The Rat” once and tell us it’s fair, and then go book tickets for their reunion tour.


Announced dates: The tour starts in Europe in April, heads to the UK for two sets at the Download Festival in June before heading to North America.

Why you should Go: As if you need a reason to go and see Metallica, the titans of metal. But just in case: they are masters of their craft — they are big, loud, head—shaking riffs – and they have a discography of seemingly endless anthems that you can get lost in the moshpit.


Dates announced: Italian rockers will embark on a tour of Europe in the spring with a large-scale London concert at The O2 in May.

Why you should go: These days, Eurovision contestants rarely make a career after a song contest that is not short-lived or ridiculed as a novelty. But Måneskin are living proof that it’s doable if you have the melodies and charisma to earn more than 15 minutes of fame. The foursome has both in buckets, as you can see on this tour.


Announced dates: Intimate UK tour in May.

Why you should go: Foals is now one of the most popular bands in the UK, and therefore the opportunity to see them in tiny halls is a rare chance that we should take when it is given to us. Dance to “My Number” on the sticky club floor in the spring, and celebrate their ascent in the summer by headlining in “Reading & Leeds».


Announced Dates: Dates for the UK and Ireland only start in May and continue until July.

Why you should go: They’re back, baby! Less than a decade after their last live performances, Pulp have reunited again and are taking their show back on the road to spice up our summer. Expect all the classics, but not Steve McKee — the bassist has confirmed he won’t be joining the band on tour.


Announced dates: Select the dates of the European festivals combined between the three main shows in Dublin and London this June.

Why you should leave: When Blur first reunited in 2009, they instantly dispelled all fears that the band might change after years of separation. This latest reunion shouldn’t be an exception, and the members seem to be in a good mood too. “We really enjoy playing these songs and we thought it was time to do it again,” Damon Albarn said when the concerts were announced.

Moldy peaches

Announced dates: one show in London and performances at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and Madrid.

Why it’s worth going: It’s been 20 years since the anti-folk icons The Moldy Peaches last performed in Europe. Although they announced their reunion under the slogan “Once a Moldy Peach, Always a moldy Peach,” who knows when the opportunity to see the New York underground royal family will come again?

Joni Mitchell

Announced dates: George, Washington, Gorge Amphitheater (June 10).

Why You Should Go: Joni Mitchell can only give one date next year, but you have to move heaven and earth to try to do it. Why? The last time she gave a full concert was 23 years ago, and it’s unlikely that she’s going to hit the road for a few more concerts, so this may be your only chance to see the real legend live.

Pet Shop Boys

Announced dates: The UK and Europe tour runs from June to July.

Why You Should Go: This is the Pet Shop Boys’ “Dreamworld — The Greatest Hits Live” tour, so you’re pretty sure you’ll hear all the biggest and best songs in their inimitable arsenal.

Jamie T.

Announced dates: London, Finsbury Park (June 23)

Why you should Go: This is Jamie T’s biggest show to date, and it’s bound to be an absolute riot. This is an artist who can do indie disco bangers, spicy, softer (if soaked in alcohol) cuts and everything in between, and it all seems easy.


Dates announced: The UK and Europe tour starts in June, after which the band covers Latin America.

Why You Should Go: This grand stadium tour will cover The Weeknd’s last two albums — “After Hours” and “Dawn FM” — and immerse you in the sci-fi world of both masterpieces.


Announced dates: Stormzy will take one day at London’s All Points East curating a special “This Is What We Mean”.

Why it’s worth going: The whole day will be Stormzy’s vision — something he’s already proven countless times is great. The line-up hasn’t been announced yet, but expect exciting new talent openings, unexpected appearances by big names and, of course, all of this will be completed with a headline set by Big Mike himself.

Postal service and taxi of death for cutie

Dates announced: The US tour starts on September 8

Why You Should Go: Ben Gibbard does double duty on tour, performing in both The Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie. The tour itself is a celebration of two albums — the first “Give Up” and the second “Transatlanticism”, and you will be able to see both performed in full. What else can you ask for?


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