The biggest & Final battle has already begun


Warning: Contains spoilers for Chapter One Piece No. 1053.

Fans of One Piece who have been waiting for the tantalizing, final, huge war of the series, which will begin at some point after the end of the Vano arch, do not need to wait so long. The insanely powerful Admiral of the Sea Patrol is already moving forward to capture Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, and everything is ready for the start of what will be the biggest conflict in the history of the best-selling manga.

A few months ago, One Piece creator Eichiro Oda teased the upcoming great battle in one of his corners of SBS (question and answer sections are published in each volume). According to Ode, after the end of the Vano Arch, the series will show “global events” that will lead to “the greatest battle in the history of One Piece.” This conflict has already been mentioned several times in the manga, the most famous of which is the Quixote Doflamingo, who predicted the coming event, which he called the “Wars of Thrones”, caused by unrest between the main forces of the world (the Four Emperors, the Citibukai, the Marines and the Revolutionary Army). When the Sitibukai were disbanded, the Revolutionary Army was in turmoil, and two Ships were falling and being replaced by new ones, it seems that the time of war has come, and the Marine Patrol has already taken the first step.

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Chapter #1052 of One Piece teased the arrival of Marine Admiral Ryokugyu on Vano. In the next chapter, it became clear what his intentions were. After easily destroying the remnants of the Kaido Beast Pirates, including two star commanders, the King and Queen, Ryokugyu advances to the Flower Capital, where the people of Vano celebrate the end of Kaido’s tyrannical rule and the return of their rightful shogun. Kozuki Momonosuke. Ryokugyu acts on his own, without a direct order from Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, but he still declares that he is going to grab Luffy to impress his superior. It looks like the Straw Hat Pirates won’t have time to rest after a terrible battle and enjoy the holiday before they have to face a new, incredibly powerful enemy.

Ryokugyu’s attack is likely to be the first shot in “Wars of Thrones.” As he notes at the end of the chapter, “The Sentinels are not in a good mood because the rest of the world is in a complete mess right now,” so the Sentinels and the World Government are no longer going to indulge Luffy. As it always happens, the end of the One Piece arch is the moment when you can find out about global events and major events, and it may happen that Rekugyu will become the bearer of this news for the Straw Hat Pirates who were in a secluded place. Vano country for several weeks. However, the Admiral clearly has dangerous intentions, and his show of strength in this chapter (even if the full extent of his plant abilities is still unclear) proves that he is completely confident in his ability to defeat Luffy and his team. especially now, when they are injured and recovering.

One Piece is taking a month-long break to prepare for the final saga of the series, so there’s a chance that (if Oda feels really cruel) fans won’t see how the confrontation between the Straw Hat Feasts and the Ryokugyu unfolds. , but only to find out about its outcome. Anything can happen at this moment. Every major power in the world is on the move, and in the next few years, the series will have to bring together a lot of unfinished ends if the Ode wants to give fans a satisfactory ending. A huge conflict involving all the main characters and organizations could be a great way to do this, but no one expected that Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates wouldn’t even have a chance to leave Vano before they got into the greatest war in the history of One Piece.