The Big Comeback of the Chainsaw Man Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype


Attention: ahead of the spoilers of chapter 98 “The Man with the chainsaw”!

The long-awaited return of “The Man with the Chainsaw” may include copious amounts of blood, which fans have been dreaming about since the first part of the incredibly dark manga ended in December 2020, but it does not demonstrate the same level of deep understanding as the previous chapters. or a one-time manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, written over the past year and a half, for example, Just Listen to the Song.

When Fujimoto announced his hiatus from “The Man with the Chainsaw” in December 2020, he immediately began writing a series of vanshots that still subjected his characters to hardships, but ventured into the violence that so often falls to the lot of the protagonist of “The Man with the Chainsaw” Denji. So, when the Man with the Chainsaw returned in July 2022, his readers were ready not only for bloodshed, but also for a roller coaster of emotions.

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Chapter 98 of “The Man with the Chainsaw” actually corresponds only to the first, but no one can claim that it saves on bloodshed. A new character named Asa Mitaka was betrayed and almost killed by his supposed girlfriend, who took a cruel revenge thanks to a contract with the Devil of War, and yet for those who are looking for the essence, Fujimoto’s vanshots have more to offer. Interestingly, the story itself is something like a one-time adventure, with new characters in the center. And that’s not even to mention that it marks the long-awaited return of the beloved manga and is more than twice as long as the usual 19 or so pages. This new chapter should rightfully have contained all the emotional upheavals that Fujimoto explored in his vanshot to achieve the same effect in “The Man with the Chainsaw”, but the same understanding simply does not exist.

However, despite the bloodshed and darkness in the story, it lacks the insightful brutality that makes the series great. From Mitaka killing a predatory teacher to the class voting not to kill his Chicken Devil mascot, this chapter points out aggressive ideas without really using them, which leads to the conclusion that bad people suffer and the intimidated hero is actually a monster at heart. It’s a funny problem, but it’s unlikely to really interest readers like some of the greatest moments of the series—which many expected after a noticeable break.

Interestingly, fans predicted that the recent “Just Listen to the Song” was intended as a reflection on readers’ tendency to demand too much from “The Man with the Chainsaw” in terms of deep meaning — a prediction that came true, at least in spirit, with the last chapter. . Nevertheless, the past understanding of the Man with the Chainsaw is, at least to some extent, indisputable, and the expectations of fans were high because of the previous quality, and not just because of what they imagined the series could become upon its return.

Even though the return is relatively low impact, even the most critical fans are undoubtedly thrilled that the Chainsaw Man is back, and should remember that this is a weekly series with more chapters and chances to stun in the future — hopefully future issues will showcase the same insightful genius. like Tatsuki Fujimoto’s single projects.