“The Big Bang Theory” will make the 6th season of “Young Sheldon” tragic for Georgie


Although Georgie and Sheldon have never gotten along too well, their relationship is likely to worsen in season 6 of “Young Sheldon” if the canon of “The Big Bang Theory” matches the canon. Just as the Conners can’t reference Roseanne without upsetting and delighting viewers in equal measure, Young Sheldon creates plot holes in his struggle with the show’s relationship with its predecessor from the sitcom franchise. On the one hand, the spin-off would not exist at all if it were not for the incredible popularity of the “Big Bang Theory”.

On the other hand, the Young Sheldon from the very beginning sought to ensure that the tone, style and even sense of humor were different from the “Big Bang Theory”. If “The Big Bang Theory” was a traditional sitcom with multiple cameras and laughter, then “Young Sheldon” is a one—camera coming-of-age comedy, more like “The Wonderful Years” than the original series. The setting of the young Sheldon helps to make the distinction even clearer, as a result of which the series acts as an extension of the universe of the “Big Bang Theory”, but at the same time it feels completely different.

However, Georgie’s backstory “The Big Bang Theory” is another case where the Young Sheldon needs to keep in touch with an earlier series. Although the Young Sheldon has significantly changed the character of George, Sheldon’s father, compared to how he was described in The Big Bang Theory, the sitcom cannot go as far as failing to kill him in time. Canonically, the death of George Sr. should happen around the time when the 6th season of “Young Sheldon” takes place, and this will mean that Sheldon’s older brother Georgie is waiting for a rough storyline. The character’s lone appearance in “The Big Bang Theory” made it clear that Georgie’s resentment of Sheldon is rooted in the attention Sheldon received from their mother after their father’s death, an event that will soon happen sometime in season 6 of “Young Sheldon.”

Young Sheldon will soon kill George Sr.

Young Sheldon is approaching the turning point of George Sr.’s death. The Big Bang Theory stated that Sheldon was 14 years old at the time of his father’s death, and as of the end of Season 5, the Young Sheldon character version was 12 years old. the last, 7th season) will need to consider this event, and George Sr. actor Lance Barber recently admitted in an interview that the creators discussed how the storyline would develop. Even the creators and actors admit that the moment will come soon, the heroine Georgie is waiting for a difficult year. In the TV series “The Big Bang Theory” “Restoring Siblings” (season 11, episode 23), an elderly Georgie admitted that he struggled with Sheldon because of how much, in his opinion, their mother Mary praised his younger brother more, despite the fact that Georgie eventually kept the family together after the death of their father.

How the Loss of George Sr. made Georgie Resent Sheldon

The very existence of Young Sheldon’s constant rival/love interest, Sheldon, Paige, strongly suggests that the version of events of the “Big Bang Theory” does not coincide with the chronology of Young Sheldon, since this character is never mentioned in the earlier series. However, both “Young Sheldon” and “The Big Bang Theory” strive to maintain continuity when it comes to the main events and details of the characters, which means that the death of George Sr. and Georgie’s subsequent struggle with Sheldon’s achievements are likely to end up in the series. In “The Big Bang Theory,” Georgie, who sacrificed a promising life to take care of Mary and Missy, made him resent Sheldon, who, he felt, both because of his genius and because of his status as the youngest child, had never faced the same difficulties. Although the brothers came to an understanding at a later age, just as Sheldon’s distrust of Penny in the Big Bang Theory is rooted in the Young Sheldon conspiracy, Georgie’s resentment of her brother must have some foundation in the Young Sheldon for his later appearance in the Big Bang Theory to make sense.

The 6th season of “Young Sheldon” will divide Georgie even more

Georgie already has problems with Sheldon, but he rarely blames the younger character for his bad decisions. However, being the only other “man” in the family (and with him an aging and proclaimed genius), Sheldon is the main target of Georgie’s anger, disappointment and grief after the death of their father. This may be difficult for season 6 of “Young Sheldon,” as there’s little to like about watching an older brother bully his socially awkward younger brother or sister. However, Sheldon’s amazing ability to stand up for himself (combined with Young Sheldon’s supporting star Connie, who always looks out for him) means that the 6th season of Young Sheldon shouldn’t be too difficult for Sheldon fans. Instead, Georgie, even more than the main character of the show, is going through a difficult time in the 6th season of “Young Sheldon”.