The Big Bang theory: wait… Sheldon tricked Penny into getting pregnant?


Sheldon (Jim Parsons) may have caused Penny (Kaley Cuoco) to get pregnant in “The Big Bang Theory.” For years, CBS has been freezing the Hofstadter arch in the sitcom to focus on other stories. In an attempt to fix this in the last season of The Big Bang Theory, the couple had marital problems after Penny revealed that she didn’t want to have children, while Leonard (Johnny Galecki) was adamant about starting a family with her from the day they met.

In all the years of dating, this has never become a problem for the couple. Despite the poorly established conflict, “The Big Bang Theory” moved forward along the arc, stretching the storyline and introducing other factors that complicated it. However, for some reason Leonard and Penny did not discuss this issue in detail. Instead, Leonard simply compromised and did not object to his wife’s decision, although he clearly did not like it. It was an opportunity for the “Big Bang Theory” to solve an urgent problem in the comedy setting. Unfortunately, they didn’t take this chance. Instead of properly studying the nuances of the situation, they came up with a last-minute solution in which it turned out that Penny accidentally got pregnant.

The revelation that Penny and Leonard were expecting happened during the finale of The Big Bang Theory. Apparently, they conceived their first child after she spent the night drinking with Sheldon following his Nobel Peace Prize in Physics with Amy (Mayim Bialik). Also, it’s not known what Penny and Leonard’s initial reaction was when they found out about the important news, but it seemed that they were both delighted, despite the fact that she was initially against it. This raises some unanswered questions, but one particular theory may explain what actually led to the pregnancy.

Why Penny Didn’t Want to Have Kids in TBBT

Since this is one of the main novels in The Big Bang Theory, it was obvious from the very beginning that Penny and Leonard would end up together. Therefore, despite various difficulties, there was always the idea that they would go through a sitcom together. Despite this, they never had the opportunity to discuss the specifics of the life they wanted to have, including whether they wanted to have children. So it became a big disagreement when years after their marriage they realized they had conflicting thoughts about it. Penny was afraid that pregnancy could negatively affect her life. After a long struggle in her career—Penny even became a bartender in season 4 of “The Big Bang Theory”— she finally succeeded in the pharmaceutical industry. Seeing how Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) struggled to re-establish herself in their company after pregnancy, Penny’s fears were not unfounded.

Penny and Leonard’s lack of children was bad for Amy and Sheldon

Leonard wasn’t the only one who didn’t like that Penny didn’t want kids in “The Big Bang Theory.” Upon learning of this, Amy abruptly stormed into Apartment 4A and told her best friend about it, stating that the idea was that the Hofstadter children would ensure that her children and Sheldon’s children would have automatic friends, as both Amy and Sheldon are struggling to get and maintain lifelong friendships. Although it’s not certain, given that Penny and Leonard’s children from “The Big Bang Theory” may have preferences other than their own, a couple can help them get used to Amy and Sheldon’s children. In addition, their closeness to each other will mean that their children will have to spend time with each other starting from a very young age, which will greatly facilitate the development of friendship.

Sheldon subtly manipulated Penny to have children

Knowing Amy’s position on Penny’s pregnancy decision in “The Big Bang Theory,” it’s possible that Sheldon deliberately asked Penny out on a date in the hope that she would get pregnant, even though it would be one of the darkest moments of manipulation the character had if that were the case. Indeed, Sheldon was genuinely struggling with the fact that he had just realized his biggest dream – to win the Nobel Prize, so maybe it was because he just wanted his friend’s support. Given the fact that all this happened in the last two episodes of The Big Bang Theory, he didn’t have time to deal with the consequences of the news about Penny and Leonard’s pregnancy. In addition to the fight for Sheldon and Amy to win the Nobel Prize in Physics, the show also had to devote screen time to completing the narration of Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette. Perhaps this is for the best, as if Sheldon had somehow been involved in a storyline about an accidental pregnancy, it would have ended the show on a sour note.