The Big Bang Theory: The true relationship between Kaley Cuoco and Mayim Bialik in the series


The Big Bang Theory, one of the most successful sitcoms of recent times on television, ended its fascinating and fun run in May 2019 after twelve seasons on the air through the CBS broadcast network. Its success managed to consolidate a solid fan base around the world, to the point of considering it a cult series.

The characters of The Big Bang Theory, in addition to entertaining the audience over the years, also showed examples of what friendship, brotherhood and solidarity between friends mean. This, despite their differences on screen, which they always ended up resolving in their own way, with a lot of humor. This is one of the essences that kept the program with high audience levels until it came to an end.

In this sense, it is difficult to imagine that behind the scenes there could be personal conflicts between the cast members of The Big Bang Theory. At least, that’s what some media have said in the past, referring particularly to Mayim Bialik and Kaley Cuoco, interpreters of Amy Farrah Fowler and Penny, respectively.

Before The Big Bang Theory came to an end, the relationship outside of work between the co-stars of the sitcom was constantly questioned by some media outlets. Many fans of the series wondered if Bialik and Cuoco really got along badly on the set of the hit CBS show while they weren’t filming.

The truth is that the sources never provided evidence of the allegedly complicated relationship between the actresses of The Big Bang Theory, who according to rumors, kept fighting on the filming set. Some websites even stated that the production should keep them separate when they were not performing.

Much to the delight of fans, Mayim Bialik and Kaley Cuoco were never on bad terms and actually “love each other.” While speaking to People magazine about the cast’s pay cuts, The Big Bang Theory star Amy revealed that everyone in the cast got along great and loved working together. This Bialik said earlier:

“I’m happy to report that we have a very cohesive cast and we all know that our strength is together. We all love each other very much, we love going to work… “.

As for the alleged feud between Bialik and Cuoco, it was probably a wave of media-generated rumors while The Big Bang Theory was still airing on CBS. However, Kaley Cuoco has never addressed this issue, but it is easy to imagine that both stars have always been good friends in real life.