The Big Bang Theory: The important film actor who rejected a role in the series


The Big Bang Theory quietly debuted on CBS in 2007. Once reruns of the show started rolling, the ensemble’s sitcom exploded in popularity. While those reruns dominate the list of cable’s most-watched shows, the original episodes typically rank near the top of weekly global TV ratings — it’s been the most-watched sitcom on TV for years.

It’s a low-key security blanket of a show for millions of Americans who enjoy the personal and professional adventures of the Caltech-based group of (mostly) super-genius scientists, including the prickly and quirky theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons). Who completed the rest of the cast? Johnny Galecki, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, Mayim Bialik and Kaley Cuoco, among others.

Although all these actors are well known for the characters that shone in The Big Bang Theory, there is a long list of other names that have been rumored to go through the series and although in some cases we do not know much about what happened, there is a particular case that explained the reasons that came to reject that opportunity.

When The Big Bang Theory was taking off in the mid-2000s, former child superstar Macaulay Culkin was in the midst of a comeback. He had ended a long hiatus with appearances in two independent films, the religious satire Saved and the club boy murder mystery Party Monster.

The producers of The Big Bang Theory really wanted to be in business with exes Richie Rich and Kevin McAllister. Macaulay Culkin appeared as a guest in 2018 for an interview and confessed that he was “chased for The Big Bang Theory“. But according to the actor, “he said no” and the reason was because he “thought the program sounded terrible” with the premise he was told.

“It was like, ‘Okay, these two astrophysicist nerds and a cute girl live with them.’ That was the tone and I just didn’t like it.”

Macaulay Culkin did not reveal which character he would have played, but added that he had to turn down offers from producers two more times. After several attempts on the young actor, so the producers gave up on the idea of ​​having him in The Big Bang Theory and surely opted for some other option (someone that we surely saw a lot and we don’t know which one).

“Even my manager was very insistent and it was like spraining my arm,” Culkin added.