The Big Bang Theory: The Actor Who Really Hated Being Part Of Comedy


Since The Big Bang Theory debuted in 2007, the show has been immensely popular with many people. A huge audience success throughout its twelve-season run, The Big Bang Theory continues to garner a sizable audience now that it only airs on reruns. On top of that, there are no obvious indications that the current popularity of the show will decline in the foreseeable future.

Given that The Big Bang Theory has been so successful, it is extremely obvious that most of the actors on the show are very happy to be associated with the series. After all, the stars of The Big Bang Theory got rich during the show’s initial run and continue to make money from its reruns. On top of that, many actors became famous internationally due to their roles on the show and continue to build on the momentum their careers gained as a result.

When The Big Bang Theory premiered on CBS in 2007, there was no way of knowing that the show would continue to enjoy such success. After all, in the last few decades, a show about a group of nerdy boys and their beautiful neighbor probably wouldn’t have had much traction. Fortunately for everyone involved, The Big Bang Theory had a huge head start, it began airing after the immensely popular Two and a Half Men show.

Since The Big Bang Theory took off in large part because many Two and a Half Men viewers decided to give the freshman series a try, Charlie Sheen has taken some credit for its success. It’s hard to deny that it makes some sense, especially since The Big Bang Theory included a reference to Two and a Half Men in one episode. On top of that, Charlie Sheen made a cameo in comedy in the fourth episode of The Big Bang Theory season two, “The Griffin Equivalency.”

In 2013, Charlie Sheen participated in an interview with The Guardian about two years after he was fired from Two and a Half Men. In the extensive conversation, many different topics were brought up, including Sheen’s regret for his participation in The Big Bang Theory.

Before bringing up The Big Bang Theory, Charlie Sheen talked about his belief that he should have made more money with Two and a Half Men. Sheen then changed the conversation to his belief that The Big Bang Theory succeeded due to the introduction of Two and a Half Men, so he should have been financially rewarded for that as well. From there, Charlie Sheen expressed his very negative opinion of The Big Bang Theory.

“Sorry, but Big Bang Theory sucks, it’s a stupid show and it’s just pathetic, about pathetic people.”

Looking at the fact that Charlie Sheen wants to take credit for the success of The Big Bang Theory, his dislike for the sitcom, and his regret for not being paid for the show, his comments seem sincere. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to think his views are swayed by the fact that Sheen can’t stand The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre.