The Big Bang Theory: The 3 Most Important Life Lessons Taught by Sheldon Cooper


One of the viewers’ favorite characters in The Big Bang Theory series was undoubtedly Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons), who had an unparalleled evolution in the history of situational comedy. In his evolution, Sheldon taught viewers life lessons in different ways, these three being perhaps the most important.

unexpected friendships

It’s quite impressive that two such different people can form such a strong and enduring bond, as is the case with Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Sheldon, which, despite their vast differences, the series does a perfect job of showing how they find points. in common and learn to accept and embrace each other’s quirks. Which teaches that no matter how people are, understanding each other can create a great bond.

Sheldon and Penny’s friendship also shows us how the best thing about being friends with someone is learning about them and maybe even gaining a new perspective on life, which in turn helps us to better appreciate those around us.

Life plans

Since The Big Bang Theory began, viewers have seen how Sheldon Cooper always thought that his life would follow a certain path. He never saw himself living with strangers who would become best friends with him or getting married. So little by little in each season of the program, we see how things are changing for him.

Which proves that life has no set plan, and that its twists and turns take everyone by surprise. Leaving as a teaching, that no matter how hard someone tries, he can never anticipate everything that will come, and that on the one hand is fine, because not all our plans happen as expected.

Don’t give up on your dreams

One of the most shocking moments in The Big Bang Theory was when Sheldon won a Nobel Prize. That, from the first season of the show, he remained convinced that at some point in his life he could win one, despite the slim chance that he would make a groundbreaking discovery. Sheldon Cooper made poor career decisions throughout the show, but that never led him to give up, so he kept working and building his dream.

What he teaches as a life lesson is that life can sometimes be cruel for those who have a specific dream. However, it is important to never go back and continue working so that we can fulfill our dreams despite the setbacks we may have along the way.