The Big Bang Theory: Origin of the famous Blacklist that Sheldon bragged about so much


There are many curiosities that have always surrounded The Big Bang Theory in the course of its 12 seasons since it premiered in 2007, but without a doubt none surprised as much as when Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parson, revealed his darkest side. by telling his friends details of his best kept secret.

About to turn three years since it ended, it is certain that the fame and success of The Big Bang Theory will endure over time for the enjoyment of several generations. If there is an iconic character from the show recognized as the favorite comedy of millions of fans from all over the world, it is Sheldon Cooper, the main protagonist who leads a group of brilliant young scientists with great difficulties in socializing.

Featuring a talented cast including Jim Parson (Sheldon Cooper), Johnny Galecki (Leonard Hofstadter), Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz), Kunal Nayyar (Raj Koothrappali), Melissa Rauch (Bernadette Rostenkowski), and Mayim Bialik. (Amy Farrah Fowler), it was Parson who best knew how to show the oddities of his character on screen.

As many fans will remember, in season 5 of The Big Bang Theory, a scene of Amy revealed to viewers that when Sheldon was still very young, he began to write a list of those people he considers to be his deadly enemies and that this has gone growing over time, until completing a total of 61 acquaintances whose names are stored on a diskette.

There are several names of the enemies noted by Sheldon that came to light in some episodes of The Big Bang Theory, one of the most remembered being that of his own older brother, Georgie. Although most viewers who know the family history of the character are not surprised that he is part of the famous Blacklist, not everyone remembers what was the reason that overwhelmed the patience of the young genius: Georgie urinated in the shampoo bottle that Sheldon used when bathing

If there is something that characterized the list of the beloved protagonist of The Big Bang Theory, it is that it did not exclude anyone, people who had been part of Sheldon’s life could appear on it, even the most famous ones that he had no expectation of meeting. . One of them is Jim Henson, the creator and puppeteer of the famous Muppets franchise. Sheldon hated Henson for creating Garibaldo, the doll that according to him, chased him while he slept.

Another famous character that Sheldon bears a grudge against is Joel Schumacher, one of the directors of the famous films Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. In Sheldon’s opinion, he “nearly destroyed the Batman movie franchise.” A member of the select group of the most hated also includes someone close to him, Billy Sparks of the

which we get to know a little more about in the episode The Creepy Coating Corollary, where Sheldon reveals that he was one of the bullies at his school who bullied him and that he got to the point of sticking dog poop on the handlebar of his bike .