The Big Bang Theory: Mayim Bialik told why Jim Parsons is as good as Sheldon


The Big Bang Theory” has become one of the most watched and valuable programs on CBS since its debut in 2007. this science comedy that had such a big impact while it was on the air.

Let’s remember that although the story of the “Big Bang Theory” is based on a group of know-it-alls trying to adapt to society, in fact only one of the actors is a real scientist in real life, right, we are talking about veteran actress Mayim Bialik, translator Amy Fowler.

In one of her recent interviews, the actress explained why Jim Parsons plays Sheldon so well, despite the fact that he is not a real scientist like her. Mayim Bialik has brought to life a neurologist who meets and falls in love with Sheldon Cooper through Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Howard (Simon Helberg).

Although almost three years have passed since the release of the last episode of The Big Bang Theory, it is still very popular on the local CBS channel. Another moment that became very viral was when the same television network planned to extend the series for seasons 13 and 14, but it was the same protagonist Jim Parsons who wanted to give up this role.

Of course, after so many years with Sheldon as the main character, it didn’t make sense to continue the series without any of the characters, which is why the entire cast decided to end the series after season 12 of The Big Bang Theory. On this occasion, Mayim Bialik was invited to an interview, where she revealed the great secret of Jim Parsons, how to successfully bring the great scientist to life:

“Obviously, you don’t have to be a neuroscientist to play it on TV. It helps more in terms of memorization, but Jim Parsons is clearly not a brilliant physicist, and he’s a phenomenal actor.”

In short, the actress successfully considered her partner in the film a good actor and even admired him for the great work he had done for more than two decades in a row on the “Big Bang Theory”, despite the fact that his lines were really difficult to write. , memorize, as they were often based on science and complex terms.

While “The Big Bang Theory” has certainly come to an end, fans apparently continue to enjoy the story, learning more about the characters thanks to a spin-off of this successful franchise called “Young Sheldon.”