The Big Bang Theory: How its creators turned a real problem into a laughing matter


The Big Bang Theory marked a milestone in the world of sitcoms by occupying the first places in the taste of audiences from all over the world for more than a decade, showing episode after episode hilarious stories about a group of nerdy friends named Sheldon , Leonard, Howard and Raj, who know all about science and geek culture but are clueless about love and social life. Along with her sexy neighbor Penny and (later) the quirky Amy and the intense Bernadette, they charmed audiences.

Since it ended in May of the year 2019, until now no TV comedy has appeared at this time that has such a large international projection in the same way as The Big Bang Theory, with such a perfect equation that it worked 12 seasons and that thanks to its repetitions have a large fan base that continues to grow despite having culminated.

Of all the characters that the series showed on screen, one of the ones that stood out the most is Raj played by Kunal Nayyar and his problems with socializing. Although his professional life was going very well with his investigations, his personal life was a real disaster, with problems such as anxiety, family pressure to find a partner and, above all, his silence.

Many of the best scenes performed by Nayyar playing Raj Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory were directly related to the silence that he presented in the first seasons of the series. His difficulty of not being able to talk or interact with women and the discovery that alcohol was the solution, was the subject of a lot of funny scenes.

Raj was overcoming his silence as the seasons went by, establishing romantic but short-lived relationships, since they all ended in failure. And it is that Raj’s love life in The Big Bang Theory was based on a real experience, as reported by the Good Housekeeping website according to the story told by series producer Bill Prady.

According to Prady, the character was based on a person with the same problem that he met while working at a computer company, so he decided to add that problem to Rajesh. According to the producer, his former co-worker couldn’t work up the courage to talk to women unless he was drunk, as this protagonist of The Big Bang Theory does. Actually the problem is known as selective mutism, an anxiety disorder that makes people inhibit themselves when speaking in certain situations or specific people.