The Big Bang Theory: 3 curiosities that only the most fans of the series know


When The Big Bang Theory debuted in 2007, not much was expected of it. No one could imagine that it would become the highest rated sitcom on television and would run for 12 seasons. It rose above the simple concept of to be hugely successful and launch multiple careers. He finally ended his career in 2020 with the spin-off, Young Sheldon, also strong.

As you can imagine, there are many things about running the program that can be surprising. From the character details to what the actors actually do on set, it’s amazing how well the show worked. There are 3 behind-the-scenes facts about The Big Bang Theory that make rewatching the show even more fun today.

Sheldon T-shirts

Sheldon’s T-shirts are always color-coded based on mood. One of the most notable parts of the show is Sheldon’s love of unique t-shirts. What few realize is that they are always color-coded based on your mood. He will wear blue if he’s in a good mood, yellow if he’s scared of something and Green Lantern when he’s on a mission. This is why you usually see him in a Flash t-shirt, as Sheldon is often red with anger at something.


They never really eat while filming. A fun game for fans is to notice the few times you see a character eat on set. From Cheesecake Factory to take home, these folks really know how to bring their food. Obviously, it’s hard to say lines when you have food in your mouth, but still, they always included food in every episode! The actors claim they eat between takes and give away the leftovers, but they’re pretty bad at pretending to eat.

Leonard’s glasses

Leonard’s glasses are part of his character and establish his “nerdy” credentials. In real life, Johnny Galecki has very good vision in real life, so wearing authentic glasses would ruin that. They would also reflect too much lights and cameras. So whenever Leonard is in front of the camera, look closely and you will see that the “glasses” are just plastic frames without lenses.