The “Better Call Saul” theory perfectly describes how the last episode of the show goes


Warning! SPOILERS for Better Call Saul season 6, episode 9.

Jimmy McGill’s prequel story may be finished, but there are still four episodes left for Better Call Saul season 6 to conclude the journey of the character audiences have been following since Breaking Bad. Unlike the other five seasons, Better Call Saul season 6 will have 13 episodes. The decision of having three more episodes than usual is even more curious now that season 6 has wrapped up most of the show’s storylines, which makes it interesting to try to predict what happens in the next four episodes of Better Call Saul.

While Better Call Saul season 6 started with seemingly silly and funny moments like Jimmy posing as Howard, it quickly evolved into a series of high-stakes episodes with some of the most thrilling, darkest events of the Breaking Bad universe. Better Call Saul season 6 killed major characters with no ceremony, and it advanced the plot far quicker than usual. This faster pace served for Better Call Saul to reveal how quickly things went wrong in Jimmy’s life, and it helps sell how traumatic those weeks were for the soon-to-be Saul Goodman.

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Unlike other prequel stories, Better Call Saul avoided revealing bit by bit how exactly the Saul Goodman persona, the one audiences knew from Breaking Bad, came to be. Instead, Better Call Saul season 6, episode 9 had a time jump right after Kim left Jimmy. The abrupt transition from Jimmy to Breaking Bad-era Saul proved how important Kim was in his life, as without her, there was really nothing else left of Jimmy McGill. Despite the abrupt transition, Better Call Saul season 6, episode 9 felt like an ending to Jimmy’s story, and the final shot of the episode could have very well been the final shot of the show. However, with Walt and Jesse confirmed to appear in Better Call Saul, plus the Gene timeline yet to be revisited, there are enough storylines to fill the show’s final episodes.

Better Call Saul Has Already Ended A Lot Of Stories

At the beginning of Better Call Saul season 6, there were still a lot of non-Breaking Bad characters whose fates had yet to be revealed. However, it did not take long before Nacho, Howard, and Lalo died in Better Call Saul. After Lalo’s death, the only remaining key non-Breaking Bad character in Better Call Saul was Kim, whose fate had been theorized by viewers since the beginning of the show. “Fun and Games” proved a lot of those theories wrong, and it revealed that the reason why Kim Wexler is not in Breaking Bad is that she left Jimmy following the events of Howard’s death. “Fun and Games” also concluded the Gus against the Salamancas plotline, as Don Eladio did not believe what Hector told him about Fring having killed Lalo. Even Mike’s story was seemingly wrapped up during his conversation with Nacho’s dad.

Better Call Saul’s Next Episodes Will Be About Saul, Walt & Jesse

Now that Kim is gone and Jimmy McGill is no more, Better Call Saul can enter the Breaking Bad timeline and revisit key moments from the show from the perspective of Saul Goodman. Walter and Jesse will appear in Better Call Saul, and although their roles do not appear to be big according to the actors, it will certainly serve to change how audiences perceive Breaking Bad – just like producer Peter Gould had promised before season 6 started. After Kim left Jimmy, there are no storylines left for the “past” Better Call Saul timeline, meaning that the story can now only go forward. In Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman was a supporting character in the story of Walt and Jesse. Now, Better Call Saul has the opportunity to flip on that perception by having Walt and Jesse as the supporting characters in Saul’s story.

Better Call Saul’s Real Ending Will Be In The Gene Timeline

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s returns as Walter and Jesse in Better Call Saul season 6 are exciting, but the true endgame of the show is the Gene timeline. Similar to El Camino, the Gene scenes in Better Call Saul are the only glimpse at the post-Breaking Bad timeline that audiences have gotten since the end of the original show in 2013. In hindsight, Saul Goodman’s time working with Walter and Jesse was a significant but also relatively small part of Jimmy’s life. Saul Goodman is one of the few characters who took the “bad choice road” and survived the events of Breaking Bad, which makes it even more interesting to follow his life as Gene in Omaha. Not only that but Better Call Saul season 5 introduced a new character in the Gene timeline, Jeff, the cab driver who recognized Saul Goodman and appears to be more than just a fan of his old commercials. In fact, Jeff could be Better Call Saul’s final villain.

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Theory: Better Call Saul Ends With Gene & Kim In Omaha

Now that viewers know that Kim doesn’t die in Better Call Saul and is presumably alive during the events of Breaking Bad, it is very likely that the character will appear in the Gene timeline. Better Call Saul already set up many connections between Kim and Omaha – Kim was raised in Nebraska, and even mentioned a grocery store that started in Omaha. Even if Kim and Jimmy never actually get together again, it is hard to imagine a Better Call Saul ending in which the two characters do not see each other again one last time. Jimmy may have a happy ending in the Gene timeline, similar to Jesse in El Camino, and getting to meet Kim again one last time would be the best way to do it.



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