The Best Zombie Movies and Series To Watch on Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Filmin, Disney + …


Zombie Movies: Now that Snyder is finally back in the fold, we are looking for more undead for VOD services to devour our attention.While Capcom’s Resident Evil and SEGA’s House of the Dead certainly boosted the zombie genre, it wasn’t until the turn of the century and the Hollywood eye that the Zombie genre, a sub-genre within Terror, began to take a toll. popularity much higher than that reached between the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century.

And already in the second decade of this century, with productions like The Walking Dead, the undead suffered the same thing as the geeks / nerd / geeks with The Big Bang Theory and the like: That they became Mainstream, in trend , in pop culture socially acceptable, huggable and imitable.

Zombie movies and series on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO

Just today, May 14, comes to Netflix ‘Army of the Dead’ (Army of the Dead), the long-awaited return to the Z fold of Zack Snyder – his name begins with Z, wonderful … – And coinciding with one of the VOD premieres of the year, which is precisely about this, we wanted to compose a Ranking of series and Z movies if after the Snyder experience you are left wanting more.

(Honestly, I’m not a fan of the rankings, but since the bosses have told me to do it or they will use me as bait in the next raid outside the shelter for supplies, so that it is a ranking with the excuse of ordering it according to IMDB notes -that Nor do you have to give them much account. And since they do not let me give more than 10 titles, I will make a Top 10 + 10, and for each ‘yes, see this that according to IMDB is milk’, I will give you another ‘4free’, but keep me safe the secret, let’s see if I get it to those above taking advantage of the fact that it is Friday …)

The Land of the Living Dead (2005). Netflix, 6.2 / 10

When all Christ was making Z movies, the godfather of the genre, George A. Romero, said “well ALLÉVOY”, and 20 years after his Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead was taken from the manga, a film that returned to classic undead, food gore and to be a metaphor for the class struggle in America. Totally classic in his staging but effective with his scares, the best thing is how Romero gives his zombies a patina of respect and turns them into another tribe in this world, with the tremendous success of that zombie leader who leads his herd and its successful ending.

Cargo (2017). Netflix, 6.3 / 10

There are many zombie movies that go beyond the clichés of the genre and prefer to turn them around. Cargo does just that by setting a beautiful and heartbreaking story in which a father is bitten by a Z, and realizes that he has only 48 hours to get his baby to safety before he becomes undead. Martin Freeman (Sherlock, The Hobbit), takes his daughter and the whole movie behind his back and gives us a different proposal, in which the zombie apocalypse is an excuse to tell a tender and ineffective story. If you want blood and guts, this is not your movie.

Planet Terror (2007). Filmin, 7.1 / 10

Released as a diptych of a larger entity and supposedly in the shadow of Tarantino’s Death Proof on Grindhouse, Planet Terror turned out to be the good of the two. And even more, because whoever signs this considers it the best that Robert Rodriguez has filmed. Playing with the ‘exploitation’ codes in a much more intelligent way than its poster, visual invoice and trailer suggest, this is zombie cinema in its purest form, parody, romance, social denunciation and criticism of the System, all in 1. A fucking wonder, very dirty like her alone in terms of guts, snacks, fluids and a lot, a lot of bad milk. The Tarantino cameo is simply the most extreme-delusional of his career.


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