“The best woman”: Ollie Pocher so sweetly congratulates Amira on her 30th birthday


Oliver Pocher (44) is delighted with his Amira! The comedian and TV presenter have been married for about three years. But that’s not all: soon after the wedding, their first child was born. Less than a year later, her second child was born. On Amira’s 30th birthday, Olli made it especially clear how harmonious she seems in her married and family life: he dedicated touching words to her!

On Instagram, a native of Hanover shared two photos in which Amira is welling up with tears in her eyes. “Only the best for your birthday, and I love when you cry with excitement! Maybe I’ll do it one day or another time in my life,” the artist wrote and was rarely romantic. In the end, Ollie couldn’t resist a little joke. “The best woman will no longer be with Leonardo DiCaprio (47) today at the latest (too old)…but I’m less demanding,” the TV prankster joked, hinting that the actor is mostly less than 25 years old. old partners.

Amira did not leave this cute post unnoticed. “Thanks for everything,” she happily wrote in the comments column. The mother of two has already announced a new decade of her life with a birthday party. In the morning she surprised her friends with a cake.


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