The best winter outfits of the Chantelle family the day after losing weight


Family Chantel fan favorite Winter Everett posted on Instagram to flaunt the results of her weight loss journey in gorgeous outfits. Although Winter’s older sister, Chantelle Jimeno, was the lead star in “The Family Chantelle,” Winter has always been popular with fans of the show. One of the reasons for her popularity is her sincere character, which the public liked.

Winter loves to inform her followers about her body transformation, and fans found Winter’s authentic way of sharing her weight loss experience inspiring. Like many other actors in the extended “90-day Fiance” franchise, she underwent surgery to remove her stomach. Some other actors of the 90-day Groom series who have undergone weight loss surgery include Tiffany Franco, Angela Dim and Narkia Latan-Shodipe.

The Family Chantel star spoke very openly about the disadvantages and risks of the procedure. Moreover, Winter often reminds her fans of all the hard work that is really required to lose weight. Winter is a fitness enthusiast and likes to update her Instagram with photos from the gym. The Atlanta native is also involved in the modeling business and often shares professional pictures with her subscribers. Winter’s Instagram is dedicated to self-love and how she maintains her slimmed-down figure. Her fans also drew attention to Winter’s stylish outfits, showing the results of her hard work. Here are some of the best outfits of The Family Chantel star after losing weight.

CEO of Winter Chic

Winter presented an image for the large-size clothing brand Fashion to Figure and stunned fans with a gorgeous pink and red jumpsuit. She captioned the picture: “I felt like a complete boss here!!”. The cast of Family Chantel really radiated the energy of boss chic. An Instagram user commented, “I need this outfit!” Another user chimed in, saying, “This fit is TOUGH.”

Winter fantasy about a mermaid

In March 2022, Winter once again impressed her Instagram followers by uploading a photo of a dreamy image that gave fans a full summer mood. She is wearing a beautiful turquoise dress and a pastel pink wig, and fans liked her colorful image. One Instagram user commented: “Vibrations of the goddess”, and another fan commented: “Yass, the mermaid.”

Winter Casual Stylish Spring Outfit

In the photo with the caption “I have a new attitude,” Sister Chantelle Winter exuded confidence, showing off her casual spring look. Winter’s cool girly outfit consisted of a black T-shirt, a denim skirt and a pair of strappy heels. Many fans liked the outfit, and they also commented on Winter’s bright makeup. Needless to say, The Family Chantel star looks stunning, and many fans are inspired by her positive attitude and wonderful sense of style.