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Winter Everett is known for being a fan favorite at The Family Chantel, and she has posted some eye-catching photos since she started her weight loss journey. Winter struggled with her self-esteem on the series, especially because she always compared herself to her sister Chantelle Jimeno. Fans consider Winter to be one of the closest people in the drama series and are happy to see that she is more comfortable in her own skin.

The Family Chantelle is a spin-off of “90 Day FiancĂ©”, which tells about two of the biggest names who came out of the franchise: Chantelle and her now ex-husband Pedro Jimeno. There was no shortage of drama in the series, especially now that Chantelle and Pedro have officially announced their separation after he filed for divorce. Fans of the show are excited about how it continues and whether Chantelle will be looking for love again soon.

Chantel is not the only member of the Everett family who has experienced serious relationship difficulties on The Family Chantel. Winter was engaged to Jah at the beginning of the series, and many fans thought from the very beginning that he wasn’t good enough for her. Even Chantelle disapproved of this relationship, as Ja always controlled Winter, including what she ate. Jah was interested in a polygamous relationship, but Winter was not, which eventually led to their breakup. Now Winter has returned to the market after another inappropriate relationship and has since focused on herself and her health.

Winter is the Princess of the Pattern

Winter impressed fans of The Family Chantel with her matching two-piece set. The patterned outfit received a lot of love from fans, as many comments were about where they could find outfits to replicate her style. Winter is working hard on her weight loss journey and proudly shows off her new body on Instagram.

Winter training

Winter decided to have bariatric surgery to lose weight in The Family Chantel program. She is also getting in shape by exercising and eating healthy to maintain her slim physique. This form-fitting set of sportswear showed how well she copes with weight loss, and fans continue to show their support.

Winter and Chantelle – Neon Sisters

In one of the recent posts, Winter posed with her older sister Chantelle. In the picture, Winter and Chantel were in stunning neon outfits, and fans of The Family Chantel could not take their eyes off the couple. Winter bared her belly with another set of two items, and now fans are ready to buy everything in her wardrobe. The sisters have had their difficulties throughout the series, and fans like to see them close again, supporting each other outside the series.


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