The Best WhatsApp Images And GIFs To Congratulate Halloween 2021


WhatsApp: October 31 halloween. For some an absurd party imported from the United States, for others their favorite day of the year. Be that as it may, today the networks are absolutely overturned – and even more so considering that tomorrow is a holiday Monday. For this reason, we link you to the Halloween section of the Google Play Store and the App Store, in addition to teaching you how to create your own GIFs.

WhatsApp and Halloween

Yesterday we brought you a selection of apps and websites to scare, play jokes and enjoy Halloween, and another to put WhatsApp in Halloween mode. Today we are not going to put a few more chosen ones, but we directly leave you the search selection of the Google Play Store so that you can look one by one and select which one you want to download and use:

GIFs and Stickers for Halloween

Nothing better than an animated gif to review what Halloween means. To do this, you can open the WhatsApp GIFs search engine and use the thousands there are, but we propose an application that you can download separately and access an updated list specifically focused on Halloween. We are talking about the Giphy app, the world’s largest library of GIF files, stickers and memes.

Simply download and install it – you don’t have to believe it – and enter the featured banner on its main screen, it will take you to the Halloween section, and you have hundreds of GIFS there to upload to your networks, WhatsApp, along with Stories and the rest.