The Best Weapon Assembly and Artifact Assembly For The Rose Garden in Genshin Impact


Rosaria finally appears as a playable character. First appearing during the Dragon Ridge story quest, her cold shaft weapons and frightening demeanor sweep away unrighteous enemies with the help of cryovision. This cold-blooded sister is doing everything possible to keep Mondstadt out of trouble. She is always on the hunt, ready to defend the city at any moment. She mostly works alone when investigating potential threats. Despite its sharp appearance, Rosaria has a surprisingly carefree character. In this guide to building a Rosary, we will share with you the best weapons, the best artifacts and characters with which you should create a team for a Rosary in Genshin Impact.

Although she’s just a 4-star Cryo Polearm character, don’t underestimate her. She can be a great addition to your team thanks to her kit and excellent cryo application. She is a very flexible character who can play many roles. The appearance of the Dendro element in the game also opens up a lot of new toys for Thorny Benevolence, which makes it relevant even more than two years after its release.

Overview of Rosary Abilities

Ravaging Confession allows Rosaria to jump behind the opponent’s back and perform two attacks, both of which cause cryo damage. However, against larger enemies such as the Mitahurls and the Guardians of the Ruins, the skill performs two strikes without a jump effect. This is your main ability due to its low cooldown of 6 seconds, high energy production and decent damage coefficient. This puts a cryo aura on the affected enemies.

Rites of Termination creates a cryoprobe after hitting the area and hitting. Both cause cryo-damage, and the field creates a prolonged cryo-dot. This ability is great for explosive spins and the constant use of cryoaur due to good damage and low cost of energy activation.

Rosary Weapon Assembly Guide

The Rosary is a very versatile unit, which is why this Rosary guide is quite long. She can be an excellent carry, support, or even an auxiliary carry, and a lot of good weapons will cover such a range of roles that your Rosary will perform.

The Primordial jade Winged Spear is well known as the best shaft weapon in the slot for many carriers of shaft weapons. He has the highest base attack among all types of shaft weapons and has a very popular Crit Rate statistics. His passivity makes him better, increasing the Attack by 3.2% for 6 seconds when hitting a stack. It also increases the damage dealt by 12% when the stack is full. Simply put, this weapon screams DAMAGE, which is great for the carry-build of the Rose Garden.

Skyward Spine is a weapon great for sub—carry and support, with its high damage and additional energy recharge feature. His passive skill also increases the chance of a critical hit by 8% and the speed of a normal attack by 12%. It also has a 50% chance of creating a vacuum blade when hit. This deals 40% ATK in the form of damage in a small AoE. It’s also a great option for Carrie Rosaria because of the attack speed buff while she’s in Constellation 1.

Crescent Pike/Dragonpine Spear — both weapons perform the same role — this is a weapon for physics-oriented carry. The main difference is that compared to the Dragon Ridge Spear, the Crescent Peak has a higher base damage, a smaller bonus to the physical parameter and has a very strong passive ability. The passive ability of Crescent Pike deals a single instance of 20% ATK as damage after picking up an elementary particle, which has an almost constant uptime on the Rose Garden, and also scales very well with attack speed.

Guide to assembling sets of Rosary artifacts

The Rosary set is simple and clear. But it can perform a variety of roles, as you can see in this Rosary guide, allowing it to have a variety of options when it comes to artifact builds.

Bloodstained Chivalry/Gladiator’s Finale — Ideally for Kerry Rosaria you need to have 2 parts of Bloodstained and 2 parts of Gladiator. This combo allows you to deal consistent damage regardless of whether you are performing normal attacks or charged attacks. Important stats are the percentage of attack on your sands, the physics bonus on your cup, and the critical hit/damage chance on your hoop.

Blizzard Strayer — This set of artifacts significantly improves the skills of the Rose Garden, as well as significantly increases the chance of a critical hit of frozen enemies. While this is still normal for a physics-oriented Rosary, this set of artifacts is best used on a cryo-oriented Rosary. Combined with hydro support like Mona or Xingqiu, enemies are easily frozen forever, and he takes full advantage of Blizzard Strayer’s 4-item bonus, making it easier to fight even the biggest enemies.

Noblesse Oblige is best used during Burst rotation or simply to strengthen your allies’ ATK after activating her Burst. When you already have a lot of energy charge, this set of artifacts is great if you want to increase the damage of your explosion, as well as strengthen your allies. If you don’t think your team needs an ATK boost, you can choose 2 parts of Noblesse Oblige and 2 parts of Blizzard Strayer to significantly increase the damage of your Elemental Burst.


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