The best selling phone in 2020 has been announced!


We can say that the competition in the smartphone market is getting hotter every day. In this competition, Apple won in the first half of this year. According to the report announced by Omdia, iPhone 11 was the best selling smartphone in 2020, while in the top 10 selling smartphones list; iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR and iPhone SE (2020) were also featured.

Top selling phone statistics make faces laugh on the Apple side

According to the announced report, there are 5 devices belonging to Apple in the list of 10 most sold smartphones. If we look at the same period last year, there were three iPhone models in this list. iPhone XR ranked first, iPhone 8 ranked fifth, and iPhone XS Max ninth.

The best selling phone in 2020 was iPhone 11. According to data released by Omdia, 37.7 million iPhone 11s have been sold so far this year. Last year, the iPhone XR, which was at the top of this list, reached 26.9 million sales.


The second best selling smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy A51. Competing in the middle segment, the device reached 11.4 million sales. If we look at this list by Samsung, we can say that there is a decline compared to the previous year. The company had 4 different devices on this list last year. However, this year, only Galaxy A51 appeared on the list.

The other brand that found itself in the list with 4 devices was Xiaomi. The statistics of the brand in this area have increased significantly.

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