The best romantic Korean dramas of 2019


Best Korean romance dramas of 2019, enjoy love and new stories with characters that will make you sigh in each episode.

Korean entertainment has become very popular thanks to Korean series, whose stories have very original plots with which you can enjoy several weekend marathons on platforms such as Viki, Netflix or pages to watch free dramas. If you are looking to add more stories to your list, we leave you a new top K-Dramas.

Korean actors have achieved the same status as a K-pop idol, such as Lee Jong Suk, star of Korean dramas like “Romance is a bonus Boook” or “While you were sleeping.” South Korea has expanded its offer with various plots and characters that steal the hearts of fans, especially those of the romance genre. In 2019, several Asian series were launched where love was one of the main elements.

If you want to sigh and scream for kisses, cheesy scenes and couples that deserve a happy ending, we leave you a list with the best Korean romance dramas of 2019, you will cry and they will make you want to meet your soulmate after watching them. You can also explore Korean series featuring idols like GOT7’s Jinyoung, who has a short history of dramas and movies.


Love alarm

August 2019
Starring: Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga Ram
Where to watch: Viki, Netflix
Love drama that tells the life of Kim Jo Jo, a girl who refuses to download the “Love Alarm” app, which alerts you when someone close to you is in love, but her opinion changes when she meets the rich and popular Hwang Sun Oh however, the boy’s best friend also falls in love with her.

Love is a sadness

February 2019
Starring: Ji Hyun-woo, Park Han-byul, Ryu Soo-young, and Wang Bit-na
Where to watch: Viki
Romance drama and remake of the series “Beautiful person”, tells the life of Misaki Kyosuke, a widowed surgeon who will change the life of a woman who appears in his office, almost forced to operate on her, the protagonist will give her the face of his ex-wife, unleashing a series of consequences.

Romance is a bonus book

January 2019
Starring: Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young
Where to watch: Netflix, Viki
Romance drama about the life of an editorial chief named Cha Eun Ho, who will hire a girl named Dan Yi, a former editor who loses her job and is forced to lie, both will develop a love story.

I hate you, Juliet

February 2019
Starring: Lee Hong Gi and Jung Hye Sung
Where to watch: Viki
Love drama that tells the life of a girl named Goo Na Ra, who has the ability to share her thoughts with a boy who discovers that he is in love with her, but for some reason stops listening to her and tries to win her heart.

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Her private life

April 2019
Starring: Park Min Young, Kim Jae Wook
Where to watch: Viki
Romance and comedy drama about an art curator named Duk Mi, who in her spare time and as part of her secret life, runs a fan club for a famous idol; However, her feelings will change when she meets Ryan, the new head of the gallery where she works.


The secret life of my secretary

May 2019
Starring: Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo
Where to watch: Viki
Romance drama about Do Min Ik, a CEO who has the ability to recognize people just by seeing them once and studying their body language, but after an accident he loses that ability and his secretary tricks him into posing as someone else. both will fall in love despite the lie.

Touch your heart

February 2019
Starring: Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na
Where to watch: Viki
Love drama about an actress named Oh Yoon Seo who is about to lose her job due to her bad talent, but to have a new opportunity she will have to spend 3 months as secretary for the CEO named Kwon Jung Rok, an arrogant and cold man.

My First First Love

April 2019
Starring: Ji Soo and Jung Chae Yeon
Where to watch: Netflix
Love drama about the life of Yoon Tae Oh, a boy who maintains a great relationship with his best friend, but without going any further, until another of his friends takes an interest in her. The story is full of adventures about friendship, love and youth.


Crash Landing on you

Dec 2019
Starring: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin
Where to watch: Viki, Netflix
Romance drama that narrates the life of a North Korean general named Ri Jung Hyuk, who for some reason meets Yoon Se Ri, an upper-class young woman who suffers an accident on a parachute trip and ends up in the neighboring country. They both fall in love when he helps her return to her country, but the tension between their nations puts their relationship and her life in danger.

Angel’s last mission: Love

May 2019
Starring: L and Shin Hye Sun
Where to watch: Viki
Love drama about the life of Lee Yeon Seo, an arrogant girl who does not believe in love and loses all hope when her parentss die. Inheriting a cultural agency, she becomes a great dancer, until she suffers an accident. Her destiny will change when she meets the angel Kim Dan, who must find her true love of the girl to return to heaven.


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