The best remakes in videos games


With several games in sight to return through the big door, such as Prince of Persia and Demon’s Souls, we review the best remakes that we have seen in the history of the video game. What is your favorite?

Remake is defined, in the RAE, as an adaptation or new version of a work, especially a movie. Beyond this tagline that shows that the academy has not paid much attention to the world of video games, the remake concept is broad enough to encompass a large number of proposals. And the line that delimits a remake of a remaster, something also common in recent years, is at least blurred. New interpretations of an existing game, a notorious facelift, changes in mechanics and resolution of previous technical problems … Leaving some room for maneuver without wanting to delimit too much the exact definition of remake, at Meristation we have decided to choose which are the 3 best remakes currently now that they are on the way some like Prince of Persia or Demon’s Souls.

That is why we have brought together editors and collaborators to vote on which remakes they have best remembered according to their preferences. Naturally, the results come from the sum of votes and therefore, there may be positions that are defined by a little margin or by some very specific preference of some. Be that as it may, and beyond the order that has ended up established, we have no doubt that the remakes that have crept onto our list are among the best we remember. Leaving even others outside that surely could be inside

1.- Metroid: Zero Mission

We opened the top 10 with a pocket remake that gave another air to a first-rate game such as the premiere of the Metroid saga on the NES years before. Zero Mission came to turn a solid but basic idea into an update that brought it closer to Super Metroid than anything else. It was not just about offering graphical and playable improvements, but also expanding the details related to our protagonist, Samus Aran. And it is that the visual change, highlighted in sprites, large enemies and more detailed scenarios, was added a much more pronounced backtracking, endless hidden extras and the classic system of improvements to be able to access new areas that were impossible at first to throughout the five stations of Zebes. With precise control, new mechanics such as being able to grip the edges, the presence of more weapons and special movements and its high replayability, Zero Mission is a splendid remake. Maybe a little easier than the original, but much more satisfying.

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2.- XCOM: Enemy Unknown

It was the year 2012 when XCOM appeared, a turn-based strategy title developed by Firaxis and which was actually a remake (bordering on the reboot concept) of a cult game from the mid-nineties, UFO: Enemy Unknown . The return of the series, which has had expansions and a subsequent sequel, allowed us to enjoy a much more complex strategy game full of options. From the management of all the resources of the XCOM project to the diplomacy that made us position ourselves in certain requests and objectives, as well as the versatility of the military groups that we had. Surely the essence remains, but the reality is that the complexity and requirement to succeed in XCOM was much higher than a UFO that gave enough facilities to finish, despite errors in our management, finally winning the games and being able to continue advancing. XCOM takes an idea and pushes it into options, complexity and versatility. And currently available on countless platforms.

3.- The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

Majora’s Mask is one of the most special games in the entire Nintendo factory, a waste of imagination thanks to the hand of Yoshiaki Koizumi, creator of all the plots and lore within Clock City, and surely the darkest Zelda of all. A title that on Nintendo 64 knew how to deal with the fact of being a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time, with so many peculiarities that it was not exactly friendly. Time management, save points … There are several improvements and facilities offered by the Nintendo 3DS version. Starting with being able to continue playing after saving the game, or the manipulation of time that is now more precise and allows us to choose the specific time at which we want to move. The free camera, gyro control for precise aiming, the accessibility of some objects with the touch screen (such as the ocarina), changes in some heads and the obvious improvement of the Bomber notebook, with much clearer details, make that surely there are lost complexity, but is currently much more digestible and enjoyable.


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