The best relationships ever seen in ABC’s medical drama


Grey’s Anatomy fans once felt that there is often great chemistry between other characters that is largely unexplored. Here are some big contenders that unfortunately never happened.

Alex Karev and Addison Montgomery

One couple that seemed to be about to happen but never ended was Alex and Addison. The two were attracted to each other and sparks erupted, prompting the pair to connect on Grey’s Anatomy.

Addison’s association with Derek on Grey’s Anatomy was never meant to be, so perhaps she could have been in a peculiar relationship with the clever Alex Karev.

Meredith Gray and Nick Marsh

Grey’s Anatomy is as much about the patients as it is with the doctors and staff at Gray Sloan Memorial. Meredith has saved numerous lives, but very few patients have dared to flirt with her.

One of those patients was Nick Marsh on Grey’s Anatomy season 14, he may not have been ‘McDreamy,’ but he was clearly flirting with Meredith, who didn’t seem to care about her interest. Meredith and Nick would have made a very cute couple together.

George O’Malley and Lexie Gray

George O’Malley and Lexie Gray became roommates for some time, with Lexie trying to get George’s attention with her kindness and consideration on Grey’s Anatomy.

George’s story had already turned chaotic by this time and, for some reason, he never noticed Lexie. Unfortunately, fans never got to see them together but it would have been one of the sweetest couples on the Grey’s Anatomy series.

Clearly with his season 17 Grey’s Anatomy is on the way to new twists but it is noteworthy that the writers should have considered, at least once, trying to put together these couples that, without a doubt, fans would love.


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