The best Red Velvet OSTs to make your crush fall in love


Red Velvet has the best romantic OSTs to conquer your crush, meet their ballads full of feelings and emotions that will make your heart vibrate.

The girls are not strangers to acting, although some of them have appeared in dramas, they have also lent their voices for the soundtracks of the series, either alone or as a group, managing to harmonize with their voices songs that are perfect for the time winter and love.

Red Velvet has performed songs for dramas like “Hotel de Luna” and recently Start Up, Joy has experience in both facets, as a singer and an actress, as she has starred in stories like “The Liar and his lover”. If you need to express your feelings for that person, the K-pop group has the perfect lyrics for you.

Music is one of the alternate languages ​​to communicate with others, through chords and lyrics that describe exactly how we feel towards that person. Discover Red Velvet’s best romantic OSTs and win over your crush with these love-inspired ballads and K-Dramas.

If you want to be inspired by the best makeup ideas of the idols, we leave you a list with 5 styles of Red Velvet make up.


Wendy’s Two Letters

For the Star Up drama, Wendy voiced a song that talks about the feeling of being in love, but not being able to be with that person we admire from afar. Unrequited love was the inspiration for this OST.


For the same drama REd Velvet merged their voices into a group and

This ballad perfectly fuses the voices of the members, achieving a harmony whose lyrics embody the feeling of getting ahead despite how scary the future can be, because there is someone who believes in you and will be by your side.

The Crowned Clown.

Seulgi voiced this OST called “Always” that talks about eternal love, this love ballad is perfect to make your crush fall in love, because the voice of the idol interprets it as if it were a love letter.

Luna Hotel

Red Velvet has experience with OSTs and participated with “See The Stars”, a song that describes the emotions of a person in love and who is lucky to be reciprocated, although the two are quite shy to take the first step in their relationship.

Hospital Playlist

“Introduce Me A Good Person” is a remake of 1996 interpreted by Joy, the lyrics talk about the desire to meet a perfect person who manages to make her fall in love, someone loyal, who provides comfort when she needs it, the desire to find love is present in this OST.


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