The best recent Marvel and DC comics


We select several of the best Marvel and DC comics published in Spain lately, both monthly series and compilation volumes.

It is always a good time to enjoy a comic. To open its pages, recognize that characteristic smell and let it immerse us in fantasy worlds, while its stories and images make our imagination fly. Whether the imminent new Avengers video game or the sad delay in the theatrical release of the new superhero films have made you want to taste a good comic, or if you simply want to liven up some of the sunny summer afternoons in which we have free time with a good reading, here we present several options that we consider more than interesting. We have focused on the two major American comic publishers, Marvel and DC, and we review some of the most prominent titles of both published in our country in recent times, from the end of 2018 to the present. We are going to recommend both monthly series, as well as new volumes and compilation volumes of previous stages released at this time in Spain, by Panini Cómics for Marvel and ECC Ediciones in the case of DC. Without further ado, we leave you with some of the best comics that have appeared in our territory lately, and that we guarantee will make you enjoy memorable adventures.

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