The best reality shows about paranormal phenomena according to Ranker


Discovery+ has recently picked up the long-running paranormal reality TV series Ghost Hunters and has announced the release of the 14th season this Halloween.

There have been dozens of different paranormal reality TV series, yet they don’t all follow the same structure and content despite their focus on the paranormal. While some of these focus on ghost encounters, others focus on investigating true-crime locations, and some even explore evidence of legendary monsters. Ranker voters have voted these series the top ten favorite paranormal reality TV series they’ve seen.

Note: Ranker lists are live and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this publishing.

Haunted Collector (2011-2013)

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John Zaffis, along with his family, investigates and hunts down objects he believes are haunted by the paranormal. While it’s often believed that if ghosts are real they inhabit people or places, the Zaffis family believes objects can also be inhabited.

Fans of this short-lived series find it unique from many other paranormal investigation shows. While they seek out hauntings and investigate, the series is unique in the sense that they try to find out which object is responsible for the unusual experiences. However, its abnormal content could be why it’s ranked so low.

My Ghost Story: Caught On Camera (2010-)

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This series has two main aspects: a person tells their real-life story about their encounter with the paranormal and along with their storytelling are clips of the experience they had that was caught on camera.

While there are many shows that follow paranormal investigative experts as they explore the unknown, this series is one of the few that focuses on regular people that want to share their stories. Hearing those talk about their unexpected encounters with ghosts is even eerier than watching a team seek out the experiences. However, the lack of suspense in this series could be why it’s not one of the top-rated series on the list.

Unsolved Mysteries (1987-2010)

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Unsolved Mysteries¬†is paranormal documentary¬†series that has gone through many changes over the years, with Netflix picking back up the series a couple of years ago. However, the show hasn’t changed much in context, focusing on unsolved mysteries both of the paranormal and human variety.

Though this series is not solely focused on the paranormal, it investigates all manner of cases relating to unexplained mysteries. From ghosts to mysterious killers, this show covers enough intriguing topics to keep the audience engaged. While it is interesting, the inconsistent focus on the paranormal is why it likely falls so low in this ranking.

Destination Truth (2007-2012)

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In this investigative series, Josh Gates and his team travel the world hunting down evidence of the supernatural and paranormal mysteries. This paranormal hunter focuses on finding evidence of the otherworldly, taking viewers on an adventure of intrigue across the world.

This series is unlike many paranormal investigation series because it focuses less on ghosts and more on mythical beings like creatures and monsters of legend. While it’s certainly an interesting watch, the focus on the general supernatural is likely why it’s not voted as highly.

Ghost Hunters (2004-)

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Considering this series is one of the bested haunted shows, it’s a shock Ghost Hunters isn’t ranked higher on this poll. However, while this long-running series has a dedicated fanbase, its popularity has diminished a bit since its earlier seasons.

Originally aired on SyFy in 2004, this show was a groundbreaking series for paranormal reality TV. Though not the first of its kind, the show gained a lot of success and made the concept of ghost hunting more entertaining. Now that this series has been picked up by Paramount+, fans of the series will be able to continue to enjoy the excitement of these investigative hunters.

The Dead Files (2011-)

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This series is led by investigators Amy Allan, a psychic and paranormal researcher, and Steve DiSchiavi, a retired homicide detective. They focus on investigating places in which brutal crimes took place.

While most reality TV series that focus on the exploration of the paranormal are chilling, this series takes the thrill factor to new heights. There is something especially creepy about investigating paranormal experiences that are occurring in a place where a brutal crime was committed. The chilling premise of this series is likely why it’s ranked higher than many other paranormal reality shows.

Ghost Adventures (2008-)

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In Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans and his team investigate paranormal locations throughout America and even overseas. Zak began investigating the paranormal after he had his own personal experience with a ghost haunting one of his apartments.

Zak and his team’s focus on distinguishing clues that are both unexplainable and debunked as a normal encounter is what makes this series unique. However, the Ghost Adventures team has investigated some iconic locations that make the show even more entertaining.

Paranormal Witness (2011-)

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This series pulls viewers out of the realm of speculative and offers them evidence of the paranormal that is eerily convincing. Each episode builds a case with first-hand encounter statements and videos and photos taken during the time of the experience.

When it comes to paranormal investigation, nothing is more chilling than removing the investigative team and allowing people to tell their first-hand, unprovoked stories of ghost encounters. The chilling reality of this series is likely why fans of these reality TV shows rank it so high.

Paranormal Lockdown (2016-2018)

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In this paranormal investigation series, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman spend 72 hours locked inside a haunted building, investigating the strange happenings people have claimed to occur there.

This is one of the best shows like Ghost Hunters, which is odd considering Paranormal Lockdown ranks higher on the list than the more long-lasting series. However, this show does have a smaller team of investigators, which could be what makes it more suspenseful and therefore more entertaining to viewers of these types of reality series.

A Haunting (2005-)

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This series has been revived a few times by different networks from the time it originally aired on the Discovery Channel. Now available to watch on the Travel Channel, this series reenacts paranormal encounters while the people that are claiming to have experienced these encounters explain their interactions with the paranormal.

Fans of these shows seem to really appreciate first-hand accounts from those having encountered the paranormal. Many viewers have praised this show, claiming it’s entertaining and well-made. The show has had many years to develop a dedicated following and it, therefore, makes sense why many have voted it their top choice for paranormal reality TV.