The best quotes from RM and BTS about the value of respect


The leader of BTS has given his fans amazing and thoughtful quotes to overcome the prejudices of others with respect.

Namjoon is known for his great intellect and ability to analyze his surroundings, on different occasions he showed his great heart with respectful phrases that will surely serve you in your day to day. Read the cutest messages from the BTS member.

BTS is one of the most popular groups in the world, currently the band is considered one of the exponents of K-pop , an interesting musical genre that captured the attention of the younger generations.

Although the artists overcame several obstacles to shine on the industry’s most important stages, there are still archetypes about South Korean culture , which generate xenophobic and racist comments .

You will remember that a few weeks ago the German DJ Matthias Matuschik gave his opinion about the cover ‘Fix You’ that BTS made for an MTV special, his statements were classified as racist, the German radio Bayern3 and the host had to apologize, but ARMY did not feel his sincere words.

A new case of racial discrimination against BTS uncovered the conversation about the violence that the Asian community receives in all parts of the world. It turns out that Topps magazine published a cartoon of singers and rappers getting beaten up by a GRAMMY statuette , alluding to the results of their first award nomination.

Through social networks, ARMY demanded respect for the interpreters of ‘Dynamite’ and asked the agency Big Hit Entertainment to take legal action against those who express xenophobic and racist comments towards their edges.

This event made fans remember phrases of respect said by RM and BTS in speeches, concerts or interviews, especially because they think that the stars of the boy band are a great example of strength and intelligence.


The value of life

I believe that a person deserves respect for the simple fact of existing.

 We are all citizens of the world and we deserve respect for the simple fact of being alive. What do you think of this phrase of Namjoon of BTS ?

No difference

We can look, talk, eat and live differently, but we share the same heart.

 If we get reflective, surely you have ever felt different from the rest, but that is also fine, deep down all people are united in unimaginable ways.

I respect

We will humbly accept criticism and judgment, but we will not remain silent in the face of the irrationality of society.

 All the time we are exposed to criticism from others, but if you do it with respect and dialogue, everything could be better for both parties. Always stay true to yourself and your convictions.

Find your name and your voice

No matter who you are, where you are from, your skin color or gender identity, find your name and your voice.

 These words were part of BTS’s emotional speech at the United Nations Assembly, it has a sensitive and real meaning. You are not your skin color or your characteristics, your worth is who you are.


They ask for respect from their own mouths, but they don’t understand the meaning of this word.

 The boys of BTS learned to raise their voices when there are things or situations with which they are dissatisfied, always with respect and a lot of love.

Universal language

Music transcends language, country and race like the rainbow, it doesn’t matter if you are red, blue or orange, we love you.

BTS artists have a fantastic way of reaching millions of people and that’s music , they don’t need to speak the same language, be from the same culture, or be close to experience similar feelings.


BTS can’t change the world, but we can make it a little better for whoever loves us.

Boys BTS always cheer to your music ARMY and other activities, fans and the band of K-pop do an excellent teamwork.

You are unique

Even if you are not perfect, you are limited edition

This sentence from RM is one of the most loved by the BTS fandom . The respect must start it you, accept yourself as you are and do not let anyone change you. You are limited edition!