The Best PS5 And PS4 Accessories You Can Buy In 2022


PS5: We offer you a buying guide with everything you need to know about the accessories for PS4 and PS5 that you can buy throughout 2022. The arrival on the market of the new generation of consoles has not meant the end of the previous one, especially taking into account the current shortage problems, which have marked the first year of life of these machines. If you have PS4, PS5 or both, you may be interested in discovering the many accessories that can be purchased to get the most out of the hardware. At MeriStation we have prepared a shopping guide that collects some of the most interesting accessories available during this year 2022.

PlayStation VR
Pulse 3D Midnight Black Headphones
DualSense controllers (PS5) colors Cosmic Red, Midgnight Black, etc.
Rubber bands for PS4 and PS5 sticks
Charging bases for PS4 and PS5 controllers
Vertical stand with fan and charger for PS5
Seagate Game Drive External Hard Drive for PS4
Official PS4 and PS5 compatible steering wheel and pedals
G-Story transport backpack for PS5 and its accessories
Colored cases for PS5

PlayStation VR (PS4 and PS5)

Virtual reality has become an increasingly present technology in video games. Now that PlayStation VR2 for PlayStation 5 has just revealed its main features, it may be a good time to start experimenting with the original model, designed with PS4 in mind, yet compatible with the next-gen machine (cable is provided by Sony for free, but you have to request it).

It has an OLED screen at 1920 x RGB x 1080 resolution (960 x RGB x 1080). It includes a built-in microphone, sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope), a refresh rate of 90 hz up to 120 hz, 3D audio and more. We recommend a pack that includes the camera, a game and everything you need to enjoy the product from day one. Buy here for 429.22 euros.