The best Pokemon to catch as soon as possible in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


There are a lot of Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and it is very likely that players will catch any Pokemon that they meet on the way. Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is not only the best way to get money, but also the only way to get higher star ranks and be able to catch stronger Pokemon. In addition, the last mission in the game requires players to catch all Pokemon within Hisui.

Ultimately, each coach decides for himself what their final team should look like. While players will certainly expand Pokedex as they progress through the game, there are some Pokemon that are definitely a must for the team to simplify missions and requests a bit.

Updated by Renri Song on May 31, 2022: Pokemon Legends: Arceus needs to catch more than 230 Pokemon, so it can be difficult to decide which Pokemon should stay in the group and which ones in the pastures. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there are no problems in the gym, but you will need a strong, balanced team to complete the story missions. Some Pokemon are recommended for earlier story missions and side quests, but they should be replaced with stronger Pokemon when more Hisui become available. The following list has been updated to include five more recommended Pokemon. These are some of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that players can have on their team.

15 Star


Obsidian Fields (Aspiration Hill, Horseshoe Plains, Windy Run, Tidal Dam)
Cobalt Coastal Lands (Ginkgo Marina, Deadwood Haven)

This is one of the first Pokemon that trainers will need to catch as part of Mission 2: The Galaxy Team Entrance Test. Although players may end up replacing Starley, this is a good Pokemon for a beginner team. He evolves into Staravia quite early (level 14), and the Staraptor is a good normal/flying type. There are also many grassy or beetle-like plants in Obsidian fields, against which the line of Stars is strong.

14 Ponita


Obsidian fields (horseshoe plains)

For players who have not chosen Sindaquil, Ponita will be an excellent starting fire character. For hunters of shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there is a request that practically gives players a free shiny ponita.

It takes a while for Ponita to level up, but once he becomes a Rapidash, he gets access to moves like Poison Punch and High Horsepower. Poison Jab provides excellent coverage against fairy-type Pokemon, while High Horsepower, a ground-type attack, can take care of stone-type Pokemon, one of Ponyta/Rapidash’s weaknesses.

13 Pikachu


Obsidian Fields (nature’s storeroom)
Crimson Swamps (Golden Lowland)
Cobalt coastal lands (wind protection stand)

Players will gain access to Pikachu’s first habitat, Nature’s Storeroom, after defeating Mai of the Diamond Clan. However, for those who want to turn a Pichu into a Pikachu, they can catch a Pichu that wanders far to the south of Aspiration Hill.

In terms of characteristics, Pikachu may not be too impressive, but he can turn into a Raichu if he is given a Thunderstone. Let Zisu teach him the Iron Tail to give him some ice, stone and fairy type cover. Trainers may eventually replace Pikachu with a stronger electric type, but in the beginning it is a fast Pokemon and very useful against water-type Pokemon.

12 Ivy


Obsidian fields (horseshoe plains)
Cobalt coastal lands (slope crossing)
Alabaster Iceland (Avalugga Heritage, Avalanche Slopes)

Ivy is a rare creature in the wild, but if players are lucky, they can catch him already on the Horseshoe Plains in the starting zone of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Fans of the Pokemon series will recognize Eevee for his ability to evolve into 8 different Pokemon. Catching one at the beginning of the game can be useful as trainers can choose between 8 different types of Pokemon in which it evolves.

There is a high probability that players will not have evolution stones until they complete the Clivor mission, but if Ivy’s Friendship is raised high enough, she can potentially evolve into Espeon (day), Ambreon (night) or Sylveon (Ivy must have one Fairy-type move in her set of techniques).

11 Magikarp/Gyarados


Obsidian Fields (Obsidian Waterfalls, Lake Verity)
Coronet Highlands (Fabulous Spring)

There is no easy way to catch a Magicarp until players unlock Ride Basculegion in Cobalt Coastlands. However, players can get an early Magicarp and turn it into a Gyarados by walking up to a cliff overlooking the Ore Hole Tunnel.

From the nature storeroom, go to the extreme right corner to the river. On the map it is between the Tidewater Dam and the Oreburrow Tunnel. There will be a ledge on which players can jump, and two “steps” in the water. A couple of Magicarps will float in the water, and they can be caught by luring them closer with the help of Orange Berries, and then throwing a pokeball.


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