The best photos of Candice Cameron Bure with three children Valery Bure in recent years


The Candice Cameron Bure team! The Fuller House graduate has three adult children with her husband Valerie Bure, and she likes to share her life on social networks.

The actress became a mother in 1998, when her daughter Natasha was born with a former professional hockey player. The “Full House” graduate received “a lot of feedback” as a young mom, she told viewers of the “Today” show 20 years later.

“People listened to me about what was right and what was wrong,” the Los Angeles native explained in June 2018. “I will say that now my children are teenagers, I can look at my children and see that my parenting style has worked perfectly. for my children. Different things work for different people. Every life is different. No two people have the same experience. So go to the people you love and trust the most… and really disconnect from the rest. You may have to turn off social media!”

Candice and the athlete welcomed sons Lev and Maxim in 2000 and 2002, respectively, and the graduate of Dancing with the Stars took a break from acting to raise her offspring.

“It was so hard. I felt useless,” the Kind Is the New Classy author said during the release of the “Motherly” podcast in November 2020. “I felt like I got all these things in life, whatever it was, whatever skills God gave me. And I thought: “I don’t use them.” …And it was like [fans] were always disappointed, which in turn made me feel even more like, “Oh my gosh, being a mom … I’m “just” a mom. Like, it’s not appreciated by society.”

The faith of the former View co-host subsequently “worked,” she continued.

“I started reading the Bible and thought, ‘I need confirmation. I mean, it’s the truth. I need a check. I don’t feel like I understand it,” the author of “Dance Through Life” explained at the time. “Although I got it from my husband. But I didn’t feel like I was getting it from any other place in life that I always got approval from. God appreciates me, whether I’m a housewife, whether I have a successful career or I do absolutely nothing all day, he loves me no matter what, I don’t need to prove anything to him.”

Keep scrolling to see the best moments of the Hallmark star’s life with Natasha, Lev and Maxim over the years, from Mother’s Day celebrations to selfies on set.

Summer fun

“How did my kids get so big?!” the author of Reshaping It All asked her Instagram followers in August 2016. “The last weekend of summer”.

Family photo

In March 2017, Candice took a selfie at a friend’s wedding.

Mother’s Day

“Two out of three is not bad,” the star of “The Mysteries of Aurora Teagarden” joked on Instagram in May 2017. “I am happy to spend our traditional Sunday breakfast at the farmer’s market with my boys. We missed you, @natashabure.”

A college kid

“Giving them away is never easy,” Candice captioned an Instagram photo with her eldest son taken in August 2018. “It’s even harder when it’s on the other side.”

The right mom

In February 2019, she took a selfie on Instagram during a “twinning” with Natasha.

sweet selfie

“Parents of teenagers, hold on!!!” — she signed a photo on Instagram taken in August 2021. “Things are getting better. Family evenings are simply the best. (We just miss @maksim.bure.) The time spent continues to improve as we all get older. So much love, laughter and appreciation for each other.”

A sense of formality

Lev, Natasha and their parents dressed up for a wedding in October 2021.

Sunset shot

“Family walks at sunset are the BEST!” Candice gushed over Instagram in December 2021.

Cute Costars

Natasha played a younger version of her mom in the movie “The Mysteries of Aurora Teagarden” in February 2022.