The best part about Star Wars fans and their theories, according to Rogue One and Genevieve O’Reilly of Andor


Fans of “Star Wars” can withstand a lot of criticism. They have proven themselves to be a difficult crowd, having found problems with several “Star Wars” projects — from the prequel trilogy, which was headed by George, damn Lucas, to recent attempts to expand the “Star Wars” timeline with the help of the original Disney+ series. Now that Andor has landed on the streamer, the consensus reaction has been extremely positive, leading to all sorts of speculation about the characters, storylines, and where this series might go. And Andor’s co-star Genevieve O’Reilly tells us that this is one of the things she values most in the Star Wars fandom.

Genevieve O’Reilly had a hard time taking on the role when she joined the Star Wars franchise to play rebel leader and member of the Galactic Senate, Mon Mothma. The character originally dates back to Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, although she was played by English playwright Caroline Blackiston. Later, O’Reilly switched to a classic role and reappears in the new Disney+ series “Andor”. So when we talked to her about her time spent in the Star Wars universe, which dates back to Rogue One: Star Wars: Stories, she told us:

The first three episodes of Andor, available to viewers with a Disney+ subscription, begin to outline the seeds of rebellion sown in the main character of the show, Cassian Andor (Diego Luna). We know a few quick things about the series and where it might be heading in two seasons. And we know that he will pass the baton to Rogue One: Star Wars: Stories, which itself was a prequel to Star Wars: A New Hope. But how “Mon Mothma” will fit into this unfolding narrative remains a mystery at the moment, so we are patiently waiting for the release of the next episode.

The actors of Andor are also thrilled with their director in the series, paying tribute to Toby Haines for the vision he applied to the universe. Lucasfilm managed to attract several interesting talents for the lenses of its series, from Jon Favreau and Taika Waititi to Bryce Dallas Howard and the charming Deborah Chow. We can’t wait to see how this Disney+ series (opens in new tab) develops the expanding Star Wars story, but we love what we’ve seen so far and we’re looking forward to the upcoming Andorean chapters.


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