The Best Overwatch Streamers on Twitch


The release of the game on Overwatch 2 is scheduled for October 4, at the end of this year, much to the delight of many fans. The first beta version of PVP saw a record number of viewers for the Overwatch category: 1.5 million people watched on Twitch. The second beta version was eventually opened to all those who agreed and encouraged the audience to watch their favorite streamers on Twitch from patrol during the blizzard campaign “Support the Streamer”, which could bring them the skin “Legendary Medic Bridget”.

While players are waiting for the release of Overwatch 2, exploring channels and communities may be a tempting option for Twitch, may be a tempting option. Twitch “Overwatch”, “.

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but later left, better known as emongg, previously participated in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but later left to constantly broadcast on Twitch. Some time later, off-Overwatch is Overwatch, a selfless game. Later, Emongg became a partner of Philadelphia Fusion, and in recent years joined the San Francisco Shock, one of the 20 professional Patrol League teams, as their first official streamer partner. Emongg’s channel on Twitch is often lighthearted and mostly dedicated to Overwatch with a bit of Apex: Legends. His good-natured community is interested in seeing how a tank from the Overwatch Top 500 competes with the best, although his gameplay and comments make him unique. This is a stream for those who are looking for tips on how to play Sigma, D.V. A., “Dawn” or even episodic wrecking ball games.


mL7, also known as mL7 Support, is a full-time Romanian streamer and content creator for the Envy of the Team, best known for his legendary Overwatch support games. mL7 mainly plays Ana, and sometimes Batista, and has risen to first place in the support category. He really is the streamer to follow for educational tips and crucial games, while providing both entertaining and original content. His style of play is completely unique and often hyperactive, which is why it’s so interesting to watch him and cheer for him. He currently streams five days a week, mixing various Apex Legends, Dinkum and Overwatch games.


For those in the Overwatch community who haven’t heard Harbleu’s name yet, they could see a useful video about how he first took first place as a tank during the iconic Top 500 Lijang Tower game. Anthony “harbleu” is indeed one of the most experienced tank players in the Luminosity Gaming game and is indeed one of the most experienced tank players in the game, with teachable moments from his mechanical skills on Wrecking Ball and precision with the Turbo-spin hook. Despite the fact that Harbleu’s talent is undoubtedly impressive, it is his extremely positive attitude and charming personality that fascinates most of his viewers. The tank player rarely deals with toxicity and always seems to have a good time, which may attract more people to his stream if this is the community they are looking for.


According to SocialBlade, Felix “xQc” Lengel, Lengel “xQcOW”, is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. “Dallas Fuel” and then was released midway through the first season. xQc then focused on a career in streaming on Twitch and signed a contract with Guardians, an American esports organization. At the moment he is collaborating with Luminosity Gambling, and although he doesn’t broadcast Patrol as often as before, he certainly still arouses a lot of interest when he does. During the first beta of Overwatch 2, he broke his record for the most viewers on Twitch, peaking at over 312,000 concurrent viewers. Overwatch fans, Twitch fans, shouldn’t look any further than xQc.


Connor Fitzpatrick, more recognizable by the name FitzyHere, is a professional patrol streamer and a Top 500 DPS player, although he was previously known for playing Starcraft 2 with the Root of the game team. The streamer is now known for his incredible Sombra and Mae games. Fitzicher collaborated with Blizzard several times and was on the winning team of the Pride Holiday tournament along with his teammates Emong, J-3, KarK and Mi-7. Although surveillance is what contributed to the development of FitzyHere’s YouTube and twitch channels, he plays many games, including Dead in Daylight, Multiverse and the World of Warcraft.

Overwatch 2 is released on October 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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