The Best Original Disney+ Shows to Watch


From distant galaxies to hockey fields.

Since the launch of Disney+ in 2019, he has created a world of entertainment for fans of Disney, Marvel, “Star Wars” content and everything in the world for viewers. From the stellar hit “Mandalorian” to such successful series as “Wanda/Vision”, there are so many amazing Disney+ TV shows.

Even though there’s a lot more to come, including Ashoka and several upcoming Marvel TV shows, right now there are some amazing series on the platform that you can watch if you ever want to. Here are the best Disney+ shows you can stream right now.

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In this series, five years after the fall of the Empire, a lonely Mandalorian bounty hunter finds a reward in the form of a green-eared creature that looks like a child. From that moment on, he takes him under his care with plans to somehow return him to where he came from, and this inspires a whole whirlwind of adventures.

I mean, do I even need to try to convince you to watch this show? This is one of the most popular games on the platform, it has a great storyline, and you will see baby Yoda. What’s not to love? Since the 3rd season of “Mandalorian” will be released at some point in 2023, now is the right time to catch up on the chapters of this incredible space saga.

And if you want more Star Wars content, be sure to check out Boba Fett’s Book, a spin-off of Mandalorian featuring the famous character Boba Fett. There is also “Star Wars: The Bad Party”, an animated series, or “Andor”, a prequel series. There is even a mini-series about Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Watch the series “Mandalorian” on Disney+ (opens in a new tab).


The main composition of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Musical for high school students: Musical: TV Series
In this comedy drama, we follow a group of students who study at the same school where the “Cool Musical” was filmed. musical.

Okay, I know the title of the series may seem a little off-putting, but I can promise you that High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is actually pretty good. All the actors work very well with each other and create funny and heartfelt moments. In addition, the original songs are full of love, courage and a few memorable bits that will make you stamp your foot. Season 4 is coming up, so now is the time to watch the first three.

Broadcast High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+ (opens in a new tab).

Tony Hale points to a class in the “Mysterious Benedictine Society.”

Benedict’s Mysterious Society
If you’re looking for a fun family show, check out “Benedict’s Mysterious Society.” Featuring Tony Hale and Kristen Schaal, this TV show tells the story of a strange man who gathers four children to infiltrate a sinister institution that is also run by his evil twin brother.

This series is so much fun to watch and give pleasure to the whole family, it has an exciting mystery and a lot of action. What I like most about him is Tony Hale, because he really does a great job with two dual roles. You can never forget how well an actor usually plays when he has to play two different characters.

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The monorail shown in the movie “Behind the Attraction”.

Behind the attraction
As a fan of theme parks, especially Disney parks, I’ve always wondered what went into creating the famous attraction. Well, that’s what Behind the Attraction is aiming for. In each episode, Disney Imagineers introduces you to the process of creating the famous Disney theme Park attraction, from a Jungle Cruise to the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror.

There are some amazing documentary series, but the movie “Beyond Attraction” has captured my heart since its premiere in 2021. it’s really cool to find out how they were made. This is definitely a great option if you want to learn something, but also want to have fun.

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Some of the new characters in Monsters at Work.

Monsters at Work
In “Monsters at Work”, which takes place immediately after the events of “Monster Corporation”, Mike and Sally are appointed leaders ”
Monster Corporations” now that she’s working for laugh.r, and the new addition to the team, Tylor, has to somehow work his way up the corporate ladder, even though all his life he tried to be the perfect repeller.

As someone who grew up constantly watching Monster Corporation with my dad, I love this series. The cast of “Monsters at Work” is voiced by several wonderful actors and actresses, and even Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise their roles of Mike and Sally. If you like watching Pixar movies the most, you should try this wonderful cartoon.

Watch “Monsters at Work” on Disney+ (opens in a new tab).

John Stamos in the movie “The Big Shot”.

Big Shot
This sports drama starring John Stamos has it all. Big Shot tells the story of a basketball coach who has a small anger problem and is fired from the University of Wisconsin because of it. Now, in search of a new job, he coaches a women’s basketball team in California, but this time at the high school level.

I mean, this is John Stamos, and you know, when he’s in something, he’s bound to bring not only the charm that we’re so used to, but also comedy. And, as you’d expect, Stamos is great starring in “The Big Shot,” and I genuinely enjoyed both seasons of the show. I hope he gets season 3.

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The main team is represented in The Might Ducks: Game Changers.

Mighty Ducks: Game Changes
If you’re looking for a great spin-off of a classic sports comedy, Mighty Ducks: Game Changes is the show for you. With the participation of a boy who did not make it to the local junior hockey team, he decides to form his own team of outsiders, which is coached by his mother, as well as former Mighty Ducks coach Gordon Bombay as an assistant coach. post.

As a person who grew up on Mighty Ducks, I love this series with all my heart. This is a pleasant continuation of the classic film, and it is not only based on the characters from the original, but also creates a new story of losers that will appeal to the children of this generation no less. The cast of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is full of talent, and I want to keep watching it after every episode, and I’m not even a hockey fan.

Watch Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney+. (opens in a new tab)

Oscar Isaac as Stephen Grant

Original Marvel Series
Although normally I would give them all separate sections, because there are so many of them — and there will only be more — it’s better to group them together:

With eight shows (and the number continues to grow), Disney+ is promoting Marvel shows like no other. From the strange world of WandaVision to watching a lawyer transform into a giant Hulk Woman in She-Hulk, or exploring new split-personality characters in Moon Knight, you can watch your favorite Marvel heroes in their own stories, telling stories that will not only be in movies, but also in other MCU TV shows..

What’s even better is that former Marvel Netflix shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and others have moved to the platform, joined the rest of the Marvel family, so now you can watch them on Disney+ as well. And since “Daredevil” will be released in 2024: Born Again,”now is the perfect time to learn his story—or maybe even see him in “The Hulk Woman.”

I could go on and on talking about these series as a Marvel fan, but if you love the Marvel cinematic universe, you should watch these series.

Not only will it help you figure out what the hell is going to happen in the upcoming Marvel movies, but it will also provide you with a great story with amazing acting. WandaVision even received several Emmy Award nominations for how fantastic it was. All of them are really unique.

Watch Marvel series on Disney+ (opens in a new tab).

Count Dooku in Tales of the Jedi.

Tales of the Jedi
Although I mentioned a bunch of other Star Wars-related shows on the Mandalorian tab, I felt that this show should have its own section. Tales of the Jedi is an anthology series that tells about various stories of the Jedi from the prequels, with an emphasis on Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano.

The reason I put this in a separate section is that for any Star Wars fan, this show is a must. While this doesn’t add anything mandatory to the Skywalker saga, the backstory of these characters is rich and interesting, and I love watching it as an enthusiast of the Star Wars world. It adds so much to the world. I can’t recommend it enough.

Watch “Jedi Stories” on Disney+. (opens in a new tab)

An example of technical work done in Light & Magic.

Light and Magic
I have to pay tribute to this amazing Light & Magic show. This documentary series actually tells the story of Industrial Light & Magic, a visual effects company whose work includes films such as “Star Wars”, “Terminator 2”, “Alien”.


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