The best online party games for New Year’s Eve


We will bid farewell to 2020 at home and away from our loved ones due to the pandemic that continues to affect all over the world. Multi-player games can be the best alternative to have fun with your friends and family on New Year’s Eve. We have prepared the best ‘party games’ list for you.

Knowledge is Power

Thanks to the PlayLink system that connects PlayStation 4 and your smartphone, your friends can download and join the game. Knowledge is Power, one of the productions that PlayLink brought exclusively to the PS4TM system, is a knowledge game played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people. In order to play the game, all players must gather around a PlayStation 4 in the same room. You can start from the various categories in the game when you feel the most confident, slow down your opponents by including crazy power games like drilling ice and cleaning the dirt on the screen.

That’s You

That’s You is a game where you can realize how well you know your friends. In order to be included in this game, which is played with a maximum of 6 people, you need to install the main game on the PlayStation 4 system and download the free application with the same name as the game on your smartphone. The main purpose of That’s You game, where you can travel to different interesting environments such as amusement parks and haunted mansions, is to test how much you know your friends. If the answers you give to the questions do not match your friend’s answers, you cannot earn points.

Monopoly Plus

Monopoly Plus, which supports remote play, is the digital integrated version of the legendary Monopoly game that you can play with up to 6 players with a PS Plus account. In the new age Monopoly, the middle 3D city is constantly evolving as you play. You can set the rules and leave your opponents behind in this game consisting of fast dice and 6 different game rules.

Among Us

Published by the American game studio InnerSloth, Among Us is a social inference game with most crew members in space and at least 1 and at most 3 fraudsters. The aim of the crew in the game, which supports 4-10 people, is to identify the fraudsters and complete the missions by eliminating them.


Frantics, where you can beat your friends and family with your intelligence, is a mini game that supports up to four players. As all the fun takes place in a PS4TM environment, players must be in the same room and download the Frantics companion app on their smartphones. This game is more actionable than other PlayLink supported games. In the game, our various animal friends are trying to ruthlessly eliminate their opponents under the leadership of the fox.


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