The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers in 2023


Want to get a new Switch controller this year? Well, you don’t have to settle for joycons or even your own Nintendo stuff.

Nintendo controllers have caused some controversy since the Nintendo 64. An alien blend of a 64-model three-horned beast with a slim ergonomic Gamecube return. Even the Wii was met with detractors when Nintendo still called it a revolution and promoted a delightful light green version.

However, what is not controversial is that Nintendo made a terrible mistake with Joycon. Although they fit perfectly in (our) tiny hands, they are too susceptible to breakage. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to play and seeing your character suddenly start walking very slowly to the right.

Replacing them has also become a different conversation in itself. Although you absolutely need them for a convenient portable game, when docking, we recommend storing them on the switch itself.

At the moment, switch controllers are also a dime a dozen. Power-A, 8Bitdo, Hori and many other companies have a huge number of Switch controllers on sale. There are even a few really bad ones that we recommend you avoid. Cheapness does not equal kindness.

Bluetooth Dongle 8Bitdo Switch – Use Xbox and PlayStation controllers on Switch

Although, before we start, I need to say that if you switch to a Switch with controllers from other consoles, we probably recommend the 8Bitdo Bluetooth dongle. While it’s not a perfect one-to-one conversion (you’ll need to reassign the A and B buttons for the menu), you’ll find that it works really well with PS4 and Xbox controllers. You also lose the trigger analog, but don’t be too afraid of that.

This way you can save your money and use what is already around you.

The 8Bitdo Ultimate controller is our current favorite

There is a reason why the 8Bitdo Ultimate controller for PC and Switch got the highest score. Not only is this great hardware for everyday use, its flexibility and feature set are second to none in the field of Switch controllers.

Not only do you get a rugged controller with a charging dock for $69, but also Hall-effect joysticks to avoid drifting. These joysticks use magnets to increase accuracy, as well as to hold the joystick in the desired position.

There is Bluetooth and 2.4GHz mode under the hood, and you can connect it to your phone to update profiles for different situations. All this can be turned on the fly.

The 8Bitdo Ultimate controller for the switch is probably our best choice at the moment.

Hori Split Pad is the best choice for portable games

The main problem with replacing Joycon is the lack of wireless communication. However, if you plan to be on the go or just never connected the Switch to the dock, then you’re in luck.

The legendary Hori controllers have been adorning consoles for some time, and they brought this superiority to the Switch. Our review of Joycon substitutes says that they not only increase the comfort of using the Switch in manual mode, but also offer better control.

You get not just a crosspiece, but that level of Hori perfection that will allow you to create fireballs with impeccable ease.

Two versions are available: Compact, which we reviewed, and Pro, which offers more grip.

Nyxi Switch Controllers — Joycon Replacement

Nyxi has been slowly releasing a bunch of controllers for some time now. They have recently attracted attention because they are releasing a Gamecube-themed controller.

The entire Nyxi brand is a good choice, regardless of whether you are replacing a Joycon or want to sit on the couch and play with a traditional controller.

One thing Nyxi has over companies like Hori is that their Joycon replacements are also wireless, so you’ll be able to play with this Gamecube “Wizard” controller however you want.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Yes, we know it’s an official Nintendo product, but it’s really very good. Despite the fact that it is quite simple in terms of its functions, it offers an uncompromising “plug and play” solution. This means NFC support for Amiibos, the classic Nintendo D-pad, and all menu buttons. There’s very little extra, and it even supports gyroscope control.

Our only main problem is that when using the controller elsewhere, the triggers turn on or off, there are no analogues between the presses. Although many official games from Nintendo will never bother much with this, the decision to use the controller in computer games can be a little annoying.

PowerA Controllers — Wired Superiority

If you need a relatively affordable but wired connection, you shouldn’t look any further than PowerA. They do not support most of the functions of the official Pro controller and do not work wirelessly. However, they are quite similar to the Switch Pro controller, so after a while they become indistinguishable.

PowerA has a bunch of themes, so you can choose the one you like.


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