The best movies about alien invasions in history


Best movies: We collect the best feature films of alien invasions of Earth: The War of the Worlds, Independence Day, A quiet place, Mars Attacks! … The genre of science fiction and alien invasions of Earth has always been a favorite of the general public, sometimes terrorizing the population with radio programs such as The War of the Worlds by Orson Welles in 1938 or making the leap from novels to commercial cinema in the 1950s with films like It Came from Outer Space, a classic among classics. With hundreds of films that can be classified according to three themes such as infiltration, occupation or the direct attack of an extraterrestrial civilization, and using different tones such as terror, science fiction, warfare or humor, we collect the best movies about alien invasions in the history of cinema. Get yourself a good supply of popcorn and make your tinfoil beanies!

War of the Worlds

Surely the classic of the most remembered genre and that would forever mark science fiction cinema focused on the invasions of “Martians”. And is that The War of the Worlds (1953 The War of the Worlds) adapts the novel by H.G. Wells and takes her to the California of the 50s, in full social paranoia about the Cold War. His plot is about the fall of a supposed meteorite near a small town in the United States that finally turns out to be an alien ship armed with an eye that shoots deadly rays. The subsequent attack, on a global scale, aims to annihilate the human species. In 2005, Steven Spielberg made a remake (War of the Worlds) with Tom Cruise as the main protagonist and huge three-legged alien machines that begin to destroy everything in their path.

Invasion of the body thieves

One of the first films to address the theme of the alien invasion from a B-series prism that does not renounce criticism of the anti-communist paranoia of the time. This is The Invasion of the Body Snatchers from 1956, a film that bets on science fiction, fantasy and terror through a film noir story that tells us how the population of a small city Californian begins to behave strangely, not knowing that they are being controlled by evil alien forces.

The Blob

Starring the mythical Steve McQueen (in fact it was his first film as the main protagonist), The Blob is the perfect example of a science fiction and horror film of series B. Released in 1958, The Devouring Mass refers to an alien entity of considerable Similar in size to a sticky amoeba that terrorizes a small Pennsylvania town after crashing to Earth as part of a meteorite. Soon it will begin to devour everything that gets in its way, including the skittish inhabitants of Downingtown. Its remake was released in 1988 and it has since been the subject of references and jokes in numerous film and television productions.